Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hit a frog in the road...

First, you need a Friendly Ram Wallet. I mean, it's a cute fluffy ram, wooly as all get out, on a wallet. For your yarn money, of course!

Second, I was *going* to have this wonderful announcement about how I'd finished something else, and squeal about it and such. This SO did not happen. What did happen was the following:
  1. Got the Stoplight Sweater all steeked last week, and cast on the first sleeve.
  2. Knit about 1/4 of the first sleeve. It resembled a pillow. Clearly, the needles were too big.
  3. Frogged out colorwork sleeve, tangling three balls of yarn beyon any hope of de-tanglement before reknitting.
  4. Tried size 13 needles. Too big. Tried size 11 needles. Still too big, but closer. Tried size 10.5 needles. They worked. Sadly, in the Boye interchangeable set, they are the SAME COLOR GREEN as the sweater. Oh well.
  5. Reknit sleeve with proper sized needles. Got about 1/2 sleeve done. Stitches good, not really blousy. Tried on sweater with half-sleeve.
  6. Sleeve resembled bat wing. Wide enough for two or three arms, easy.
  7. Sighed heavily.
  8. Frogged out colorwork sleeve AGAIN, once again tangling three balls of yarn beyond any hope of de-tanglement before reknitting.
  9. Actually measured arm, sleeve aperture, and gauge obtained in actual sweater. Figured that the previously chosen 64 stitches for a sleeve, while 20 less than normal, was still a bit much. Went down to 48 stitches, and re-cast on.
  10. Knit three rounds. Sleeve appears OK.
  11. Noticed it was almost midnight, with no finished sweater to display for the next day. Nor, for that matter, anything on the sweater appreciably different from the last photo of sweater.
  12. Gave up in disgust, wishing I'd decided to work on the second A Pair of Hearts sock instead.
Third, I have the ribbing done on the second A Pair of Hearts sock. Now wondering if *that* will get done, either!

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  1. I hate ripping out stuff, it just makes me not want to sew. Here's hoping your needles click better today. :D


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