Monday, December 24, 2012


Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Best Wishes for 2013! Wheeee! Skate In The Snow

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Where little WIPs come from...

Have you ever wondered how you got so many UFOs/WIPs going at once? I'm still under fifty, so I'm doing good, but I was up to 217 at one point. And getting there usually involved something like this:

So, last night, instead of being a good bunny and finishing up my Christmas cards, or working on the Advent Calendar Scarf (I'm on Day 14 now, only 5 days behind!), having discovered another shawl of Dee O'Keefe's that I just love, and having gotten some lovely royal blue sparkly S. Charles Luna... I kinda started it.

It's the Glenallen Shawl (Rav link), and it's gonna be gorgeous. And fluffy. And WARM.


Friday, December 14, 2012

iTunes Apps for Knitters

So, say you get an iTunes gift card over the holidays, and you need somewhere to spend the cash. Or, say you have someone you need to get something for, and have no real clue what, but they knit and they have an iPhone, and they don't have any knitting apps yet. There are some nifty knitting apps out there, and many are free. These are the internet links, so you can see everything on a big screen, and if you decide to try it, THEN go to the app store on your phone. Or you can give them a gift card, with a link here, and they can pick what they want, or get all of them. Not that expensive, these knitting apps.
  1. Yarn Genie (by Yarnmarket, Free) - you have yarn, what can you make? conversions? etc.

  2. KnitMinder Lite (Free) - track your stash. Can be upgraded to full version for $2.99. I'm gonna have to upgrade now that the storage unit has been emptied (into my garage).

  3. Stitch Minder (Free) - keep track of stitches/rows. VERY HELPFUL.

  4. KnitGauge ($.99) - an actual gauge. On your phone. (I use this the most.)

  5. iKnit Needle Sizer ($.99) - not perfect at sizing crochet hooks, but great for needles. Especially those little needles that manage to separate themselves from the herd, and might be size 5... or maybe 3.

  6. Touch and Go Knitting (Junior version Free, upgradable to full for $4.99) - just got it myself, so no real review as yet.

  7. KnittingHelp Video Reference ($4.99; over 160 videos available) (Don't have this myself yet, but it's gotten good reviews from ravfriends)

  8. JKnit Lite - does a bunch of things, FREE (Don't have it yet, but the "highlight where you are in a *.pdf file" will be wonderful if it works for the *.pdfs I already have)

  9. Vogue Knitting Knit Buddy ($3.99) is another project/yarn/needle tracking app that's gotten good reviews from ravfriends.

There are more out there, of course, but this is the quick list I whipped up when I was asked "Hey, are there any useful knitting apps?" by a new iPhone owner. Hope this helps!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 11 (a bit behind)

Still knitting away on the 2012 Advent Calendar Scarf. It's Day 11, and I'm currently 1/3 of the way through Day 9. Not sure I'll ever catch up, but I'm having fun!

Days 5-8 plus 1/3 of Day 9

What I have so far

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Still here, just not posting much right now

Not dead, just hella busy in RL. Have been knitting. It's Day 5 of the 2012 Advent Calendar Scarf; I just finished Day 3 at lunch. Could be much worse, at least Day 4 looks fast?