Friday, December 30, 2011

Out with the old year...

May your new year be safe, happy, and full of yarny goodness!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I really need to pass my OWL exam next term...

Preparation for the Potions Transfiguration OWL (a snap decision if ever there was one) has begun. The idea: a Tree Skirt based on one that Anthropologie is selling. Granny squares, and lots and lots of color. Mine's gonna be a little bit bigger, though.

As in "might double as a cloak if I do it correctly". To be fair, they actually offer two: one in lots of colors and Granny Squares, and one in a nice off-white with lots and lots of stitches (a sampler skirt, really).

I've got my design (more or less):

I've got my first swatch attempt:

6" at the bottom

6" tall

7" at the top

There will have to be another swatch attempt, because this one doesn't quite give me the angles I need.

I've got a LOT of yarn. Mostly white and off-white, but with some Dazzleaire yellow, pink, blue, peach and green put in for Teh Pretty. Or possibly to put in for all of it - I'm not quite sure how all the colors will go in just yet. Pretty much decide-as-I-go, I think!! I also got a spiffy new Addi crochet hook. (Actually, I got two... but one already broke. WTF?)

As soon as the OWL thread goes up in January, I'll be putting my proposal in. And starting, immediately. Because I really, REALLY need to pass an owl one of these years!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Future Projects, Part 2

... and a few more Future Projects.

Violently green Neighborhood Fiber Company Loft, one ball; kid/silk mohair blend by (dang, can't see the label in the picture), about 450 yards.

Destined to become a Wisp, in the case of the NFC Loft, and an Ice Queen in the case of the kid/silk mohair stuff... or possibly vice versa. I think maybe vice versa... we'll see. There are a lot of lovely photos of these projects out there, but I think my faves for Ice Queen are over on MangoFeet's blog; my fave for Wisp is Cecilia's, because I can really see what it's supposed to look like!

Royal purple Neighborhood Fiber Company Penthouse Silk.

I'm thinking the Elizabeth Shawl for this. But possibly as the first Secret of the Stole; I tried it twice before, and the yarn I chose in turn chose to NOT be that stole. A rich royal purple might be more appropriate...

orignal attempt - Claudia Handpaint Silk Lace in Pistachio

Some fluffly boucle, and lots of it.

I got this because I just loved it. It's soft, it's fluffy. Long, long ago, I made a diamond shawl out of some similar stuff in a nice coppery color. Couldn't tell you what happened to the shawl (it's probably in a box somewhere), or the pictures I had of it (can't find them on the old LJ craftblog, so they might not exist). What to do with this new stuff? NO IDEA as yet, but something fluffy, for certain!

I looked through Rav to see what sorts of things were made with Rainbow Boucle - and there are 1700+ projects in progress or done. The likely candidates are the Seraphina Shawl (free pattern over at Crochetville.Org); a take on Harlotry's Ripple Afghan (Rav link); a top-down quick dress (I'd make it a tunic, instead) like this one at, or a star afghan (Bernat link, free, but requires login). Right now, I think the top-down dress/tunic is going to win, since it wandered into my queue.

Now, mind you, there are also about four dozen things I have to finish - I'm still trying to get The List down under 30. Next year, of course. It's not gonna happen in 2011!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Future Projects, Part 1

So, there are some Future Projects lying about my house.

Some lovely green and silver Shepherd's Wool, left over from my Herbology OWL sweater and my Quidditch Vest & Hat.

This is going to turn into a Catkin. I first saw this pattern on The YarnHarlot's Blog here and here. I then rumbled around Ravelry, and looked atall the pretty finished ones (Rav link), and knew I wanted one. And knew I wanted it in silver and green. Which, fortunately, I just happen to have. (I also discovered a Catkin set at the; there's a gorgeous blue and gold version by ChaucerCat that's worth looking at!)

Orange Dragonfly Fibers yarn. Very orange, very lovely, four skeins.

Destined to become a shortsleeved sweater/cardi of some sort - probably, combined with my Miss Babs Yowza! BROOM leftovers, probably this one:

That's a teeny image of a sweater featured in the first issue of Knit+Wear, which had a LOT of things I'll probably make in it, that sweater being the first. I don't even think I've lost the magazine in my house yet!

Monday, December 26, 2011

I want a knitted motorcycle jacket WITH FLAMES.

Long ago, in a faraway land (Blacksburg, VA), my BFF and I wandered into a Wilson Suede & Leather, and emerged with leather jackets. Specifically, we each got one of these:

We wore them for years. YEARS, I tell you. Mine doesn't quite fit any more (something about "weight gain" might be involved), but I still have it, and it's one of the Six Clothing Items I Won't Get Rid Of No Matter What. (The others being special t-shirts or other jackets; they live in a special box, and I take them out and pat them once a year so they know they aren't forgotten.) Anyway, I hit on the wonderful idea of KNITTING myself I replacement that actually fits. Not out of leather, of course (that would be silly), but out of Shepherd's Wool.

I started to look at what I'd actually want this Dream Jacket to be. I came up with the following list:
  1. WITH FLAMES. If I'm making my own jacket, it's gotta have flames.
  2. Orange flames. And top-down, rather than bottom-up. Let's have the bright color on top!
  3. All the hardware. So I need to learn snaps, grommets, buckles and zippers. There are zippers on the front (two), and each sleeve. Grommets/studs are all over, notably on pockets and the collar. The grommets and buckles are (thankfully) limited to the belt, but it's GOT to have a belt.
  4. It really needs facing or lining - so it would be easier to just double-knit the whole thing - which gets into the joys of figuring out how to seam double-knit things so the seams don't show on either side.
  5. Then there's the pattern making: what pieces do I actually need?
It was that last question that made me realize: This is not a Muggle Studies OWL. This is a Muggle Studies/Potions/Divination NEWT, at the very least. STRONG dose of Divination, since I really, really want the jacket, and I can (more or less) see it in my head.

I think I'll do a nice Tree Skirt for Potions next term, something big, but relatively easy that I may actually finish on deadline. Because I'm tired of OWLfail.

I really want this jacket, though. It may well turn into my first NEWT (instead of my third), even ahead of my giant Slytherin/Griffindor Chess Set!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Weekend

Running off home today (eventually). Merry Christmas to all, and to all a nice long weekend of knitting and relaxing!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Happy Solstice, it's now Winter! The days just keep getting longer from here on in, we're past the short part. (At least in the Northern Hemisphere - sorry, Southern Hemisphere, your days will start getting shorter now.)

I know where my knitting is. Or, rather, where my knitting will be, soon: it's hiding in this lovely ball of Blue Ridge sock yarn. Why yes, it is a lovely green/gray combination. No, I haven't the faintest idea what I'll be doing with it - well, okay, I totally know what I'm doing with it: Dee O'Keefe's Ashton Shawlette (available for purchase soon for most of the world - available now to members). The shawlette calls for 420 yards of fingering; I'll play with gauge until I get something that will work. But it's sooooo pretty and sooooo Slytherin...

I actually know Dee O'Keefe, by the way, and have gotten to look at her patterns Up Close. She has *fantastic* instructions and legible charts - and the Ashton shawlette has an excellent walk-through for first-time lace knitters - or first time chart readers. If you don't like knitting charts, it's possible you just haven't come up against any *good* ones. Her amazingly lovely Elizabeth Shawl is currently available on Ravelry. (I'm just telling you just in case someone gives you laceweight/fingering yarn sometime soon and you're not quite sure what to do with it.)

Anyway, happy winter! Stay warm!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Limited Celebrity

Heehee! Okay, this little ad only ran in my HPKCHC group on Ravelry, but *squee*! (Click on the ad to go through to the iTunes site.)

I noticed the Yarn Genie app (through a normal ad without my name on it) on Rav, and thought "hm, that might be useful!" so I got it. I've been playing with it for about a week now, and run through each part of the program. (The official Yarn Martian on Ravelry, Deborah, asked if she could put me on the above; my fellow Snakes have loved it, and more than a few have downloaded the app.)

1. Yarn Estimator - "Select the project you want to make, answer a few questions about the yarn and the size, and Yarn Genie will calculate the yardage you'll require." This would have been SO useful during the Not Enough Yarn episode during the Evenstar Shawl. I had 10 balls (2350 yds); the pattern calls for 1500 yds (with the original mystery calling for 1700 yards). With my gauge, though, the Yarn Genie says I actually need about 25% more yarn - another 600 yards or so, so I was three balls short! (Right now, Yarn Genie doesn't do circle/diameter calcualtions, but it gives *area* calculations, so if you have a circular shawl/blanket with area X, you can get a similar area calculation, and do small math from there. If circular isn't your strong suit for math (it sure isn't mine!) there's an area calculator here)) Luckily, I managed to (with a LOT MORE MATH THAN I WANTED) to figure out the "three balls short" on my own - but it would've been SO much faster with the app!

I'm totally using it to find out how much yarn my lovely Potions project thinks it needs: I'm making something that's either 50 square feet or 63 square feet; given my gauge (crochet, 3st/in (approximate!)) a 20 sq-ft (48"x60") needs 1260 to 2170 yards - multiply by 2.5 to get 3150 to 5425 OR muliply by 3 to get 3780 to 6510. I have learned to ALWAYS use the high end of the range... so I'm going to need 6500 yards of something for my upcoming OWL. (Wow, that's a lot of yarn. Maybe it should be Transfiguration after all - I'll be vanishing a LOT of yarn!)

2. Hooks/Needles Size Converter -- "Use the converter to determine U.S., Metric and English sizes for needles and crochet hooks." It's like having the Craft Yarn Council Guide in your pocket, without actually having to carry a copy in your pocket.

3. Stash Basher -- "Instantly determine what you can create from the yarns you already have in your stash. Enter the gauge and quantity of the yarn you own and Stash Basher will provide a list of items to consider." I put in my calculation for my blanket above (3st/in, 6500 yds) and I think everything possible came up, including "one big huge honkin' 6'x5' blanket". I entered my new skein of Blue Ridge sock yarn (400 yds) and my estimated gauge (7st/in) and got a much shorter list of items to consider : hats up to 23" in circumference, socks up to a 10" foot length, a 20"x20" blanket, gloves/mitts up to a 10" hand circumference. So "I'd like to make these socks for my husband's 15" long feet" won't fly with this yarn, which is good to know!

4. About Us - handly links to, Knitch mag, the Yarndex, and Between this app and Ravelry, I am now dangerous. Or at least more likely to be able to get through some of my (considerable) stash in 2012. Then, in 2013 (assuming the world doesn't end next December), I can run amok and get MORE yarn!!

In summary: Totally worth the download time for a small, free, and darned useful app!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Glitz-y Wreath

So, Friday evening at Nature's Yarns, I got some Rozetti Marina "Glitz". I was really, really hoping to find some in Emerald, and I did - because when I made my first no-fall scarf from Marina Flora, I thought "hm, this would make a lovely wreath". So, I decided to try it.

It started out as a long chain of sparkly green fluff. Actually, it started out as 11 stitches across of knitting, but even "folded" in half, it wasn't quite the level of fluff I was looking for, so when I managed to drop a stitch (giving me a free-fallen loop of about 3yds in length), I took that as a sign that this wreath should be crocheted. So, chain 6 (skipping a loop in between); then just do a modified dc across. The modified dc involved making sure between each dc there's three or four holes on the yarn, and the first pullthrough is done with the next hole, the second with the hole after that. (I know that doesn't really make sense, but just play with it, you'll get something you like.)

On the final row, just "graft"/dc it to the first row, and pull the little bit of fluff left through the last stitch nice & tight.

I used a wire coathanger for the frame, and added some ribbon. I'm not sure about the ribbon; I might change it to red or gold. And have my mom tie the bow; hers always look super-good, and mine... well, it's definitely bow-shaped, at least.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Way too late to ship...

So, I'm a little behind on the Holiday Knitting, given that I'll probably mail the box to my nieces & nephews on or about December 23 - it's not getting there in time. Knitting still must be finished (and honestly - it may actually happen after Christmas).

I refuse to buy them knitted things, since much of the last year has been dedicated to knitting cool little braided ball hideyplaces, facecloths and washcloths, and strange little ornaments.

But you may not have my qualms (or strange mental investment in washcloths)... in which case, I present to you the first commercial referencing knitting in the US that didn't actually make my skin crawl (or make me fire off a nasty letter or six to the company/ies responsible):

Assuming I do actually get everything finished, I'm definitely posting pics before I send them out. Because nothing will guarantee online avoidance like the phrase "your aunt's knitting blog" - they'll never see 'em. Also, the cute yarncat in the commercial? WANT!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Get Your Ears On!

So, you're off for a lovely month-long vacation in the Bahamas.

Oh, you're not? That's okay, I'm not, either! I do have some time off from work coming up, though, and as the majority of my plan centers around "relax and knit, possibly with a cup of tea", I'm going to need something to listen to whilst knitting, tea-drinking, and otherwise goofing off. Since holiday music started up well before US Thanksgiving this year (mid-November!), I'm fine with finding something else. So... how about a new knitting podcast?

The lovely Hoxton Handmade, she of the Electric Sheep Podcast, recently did a Special Crossover Episode with APlayfulDay. This is a fact. I have listened to it (and giggled quietly, and been glad I'm the one that opens the office and I'm alone for an hour or so each morning, since while it is possible for *me* to work as I giggle, my coworkers want to know what I'm listening to that's so darned entertaining, and then we all gather 'round and nothing gets done.)

So: I have now downloaded the entire run of APlayfulDay off iTunes, but you can listen directly through the blog, too, right off the internet! (That Holiday Crossover excitement I mentioned? It's Right Here. The blog has not only information for each epidsode, but lots and lots of other fun reading - the very first post, in fact, deals with something I see all the time: commuters freaking out because THERE IS A GIRL KNITTING RIGHT THERE OMG (it happens all over the world, it seems), and there are all sorts of Social Networking Contacts to keep you in touch with All Things Playful (or you can joing the Ravelry Group.

And if you haven't listened to The Electric Sheep? Oh, PLEASE do, it's wonderful! There's the blog, of course, with show notes and knitting and wonderment (Oh, look, you can subscribe to the blog! DONE!!... or I will be once I get my confirmation e-mail... hurry up, confirmation e-mail!), again, if you don't have iTunes (and on iTunes? Make sure you get The Electric Sheep by HoxtonHandmade... not the other one!), you can listen online, too. There's a Ravelry Group that's a HOOT (see the "Feed the Sheep" thread).

Because I was looking at Knitting Podcasts on iTunes, I also stumbled across NeverNotKnitting - which also has a blog with lots of lovely photos and interesting things, a listen on-line option, and... a map of the world showing all the places you can get the lovely patterns! (I'm rather fond of world maps involving Knitting Things.) Oooo, look, it's got a Ravelry Group, too!

Well. That should certainly give me a week of things to listen to. Possibly two. Or three... hm. Maybe I could slip off to the Bahamas for a month?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Cheese!

Time for another obligatory Swiss Cheese Kauni Scarf photo:

This seems to be the "project most likely to be photographed at my desk". I'm really loving the color changes; somewhere in the stash, there's yarn for a Kauni Cardigan. It's gonna rock when it happens!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Got Presents?

Okay, it's only ten shipping days until Christmas, and you might be stuck for gift ideas and need something for the fiber fanatic in your life. Here are some nifty spots that have Cool Yarn-Related Things. (And if you run out of time, that's OK - that whole Twelve Days of Christmas thing? You've got until January 5. Which is good, because I haven't finished my holiday knitting yet.) You can click on any of the lovely banners below (none of the images for which I'm responsible for, which should be obvious but I just want to state it for perfect clarity, nor am I associated with any of the businesses/charities, I just like them) - clicking on a picture will take you directly to the storefront/information page in question.

1. The Accessory Lady. Cool bracelets with even cooler buttons, or other nifty things; either way, something fun and different!

2. Franklin Habit's fun ornaments (and by popular demand, they're all available), over on - here. And there's lots of other adorable things, too. Um, and take a look at the Doris collection. (Because she might, um, cause trouble if you don't. Don't get on Doris's bad side.)

3. Donate in a friend's name - or for yourself - to Knitters Without Borders, which fundraises for Doctors Without Borders. Knitters have raised over a million dollars!

4. Or, hey, there's always yarn, right? Soft'n'Shiny does some lovely stuff. I have two skeins of my own just waiting for next term to start, and she can always make more. Keep in mind, though, she's in Canada, so it may take a bit longer for things to arrive. Worth the wait, though!

And remember - even if you're not a knitter or stitcher or quilter, there are lovely ladies and gentlemen at all the local shops (look through your prospective recipient's stash - there will be bags with names printed on them to tell you the name of the store if you don't already know it) who can point you towards fun, interesting things... or gift certificates, if you're not 100% sure what to get!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More on the scarf that turned into a shawl...

Okay, so I really thought I'd have the Advent Calendar Shawl #1 done by today... but not quite. I'm working on Day 10 right now, which is kinda short, so I should be on Day 11 soon (on the way home?) and hopefully Day 12 by tomorrow, which will be The End for the first shawl. Then I'm giving myself until New Year's to do the second one!

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

It is going to be really pretty, and blocking should help a LOT. I'm just amazed that I've managed a shawl instead of a scarf; everyone else must knit tightly with thread and teeny-tiny needles! (And yes, I'm purposely not doing any more full-length shots until it's done. I gotta keep some of the mystery going!)

Monday, December 12, 2011


Okay, I may have had a Kauni accident. But really, it just jumped on my needles. There was nothing I could do!!

(It's the Swiss Cheese Scarf, if you want to try one of your own. Once you've got the hang of the cast off/cast on for the holes, it's pretty easy. AND SO COOL LOOKING IN THE KAUNI!!!)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Almost Sorting-Time

Sorting at HPKCHC doesn't begin for another week or so (I think), but I'm getting ready. I'm hoping, of course, to sort Slytherin again (I mean, really. Half my real-life wardrobe has skewed green and silver at this point), so I got a little icon ready to go:

And yes, I'm playing LEGO Harry Potter on my phone. I'm having all sorts of fun running back through Freeplay mode and getting all the things I missed, while I'm still going through Goblet of Fire. (I am REALLY not a fan of the actual Fire Task with the dragon, despite the fun I had at the HPKCHC Tri-Wizard Tournament last term.)

During Winter Break (aka December), there's a Yule Cat and Yule Dog being run (no points involved, just fun). Yule Cat is finish making a wearable item; Yule Dog is finish making a nonwearable. Any craft, whatever you want, just finish up something. For Yule Dog, I'm considering these:

The Wisteria Window that I've been working on since... 2006? Maybe? It's fairly close to finished, I think I'm down to just the purple and green leaves on the center bunch (and then, of course, the backstitching). This was meant to be an insert in a totebag long, long ago. I'm not sure where the cloth for said bag went - so I'm just gonna call this one "done" when the stitching is finished...

Then there's this happy little thing, a tiny Michael Powell kit I got back when Scarlet Thread still had a storefront. I'm going to change the text to "Love you!", and I lost the actual chart, so I'm winging it off a big blown-up copy of the cover photo. Hopefully I'll figure it out:

Of course, with the Advent Scarf and trying to get more of my OWL finished, it's going to be interesting. And I'm pretty sure I still have some Christmas Knitting to do....

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Kauni Got Me.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm doing Wollkistchen's Advent Calendar Scarf for 2011: LINK. So far, so good, still on schedule. Since I've got a Time Advantage (the pattern for a particular Day drops, for me, at 5pm the day before), I haven't fallen behind yet, although it's been close once or twice. Here's what I have so far, for the first week:

This was a little triangle-lace motif that gives the border of the scarf a pretty scalloped edge:

Day 1

Next, we had lace with cables (ooo!):

Day 2

Next up, some wavy green not-cables... kinda cool!

Day 3

Then, some snowflake lace. I stopped half a repeat short of what was called for, so it would balance top-to-bottom. (In my opinion; I'm quite certain it's fine as written, too, based on all the lovely photos in the Day 4 thread of the Rav group.)

Day 4

About now, I'm realizing that I love the MadTosh Merino Light I'm using, and that it's REALLY REALLY going to benefit from blocking. The stitch definition is good now, ditto the lace, but it'll be spectacular once everything is opened up and stretched out a bit. And I'm actually making a shawl, as it turns out - without much stretching, mine's over two feet wide; with blocking, it'll probably hit 30in/2.5ft! Also? It's a TOTAL BEAR to photograph it just now. It really, really needs to be blocked so you can see the pretty better. (Some people are actually pinning out their scarves each day for the daily photograph; I'm lucky to get it knitted, and couldn't find my pins to save my life. They're in a bag marked "OWL DO NOT LOSE" lost somewhere in my house.)

On to some leafy-looking stuff in the next band; I'm glad it randomly wound up on a "green" day:

Day 5

Then, this fun one. The chart was NOT making sense to me (and I'm one of those that usually prefers charts to written instructions), so I actually didn't start it until Day 6 (thus getting me horribly behind for the day, since I'm supposed to be ready to start Day 7 on the commute home the previous night).

Day 6

By the end of Day 6, I've determined that I'm not knitting an Advent Calendar Scarf. I'm actually knitting two twelve-day shawls, of which this is the first (which will be done by Monday, in time for Yule Cat!). I also had massive fail getting started on Day 7 - I had to cast on three times because of a persitent inability to count to eight several times in succession after 10pm at night. Did manage, finally, just before work started, and using paperclips as markers.

I'm only about halfway through Day 7 at this point - the first time I've actually been behind so far, and I should catch up easily during my coffeeshop time on Saturday afternoon. Why am I behind, you might wonder?

Because I started a Swiss Cheese scarf.

The Kauni got me.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Please Follow the Posted Instructions.

There are signs on the ball-winder at Fibre Space. One is (paraphrasing here) "Don't let people under Age 13 operate this machine"; the other is a list of things to watch out for, including "don't wind too quickly, or you'll get wonky yarn balls". Normally, I think wonky means "kinda cone-shaped instead of square-ish"; it can also mean "yarnball barfing out both ends if you're not careful." I learned the second one the hard way: I've been knitting my Advent Calendar Scarf with this:

Yeah. It's not easy, it keeps catching on itself, and otherwise behaving like and untrained puppy (minus the piddling, thankfully). This ball of Moorlands (MadTosh Merino Light) is the worst, but there are tiny tails on the Byzantium and Brothers Grimm, as well. It's making for interesting commuting knitting, that's for certain!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The eye of the beholder.

As something of an authority on Gryphons (really am, actually - go figure), this Item Card seemed promising:

Except that it was referring to these hideous things:

Rare, I'll belive - because whenever they were made, they were ugly, and people knew it. These survived because they lived in a box in someone's attic, and a descendant thereof decided to sell them rather than continue the family tradition of hiding them away. Calling them "lovely" does not make them so.

(Actually, I don't know if "hidden away in the attic" is the case. But if any of my ancestors owned these things, I'd be trying to sell them, griffins or no. They're UGLY.)

Monday, December 5, 2011

I won stuff!

As part of the Help Decorate the Fibre Space Holiday Window, I made a Rocket Ship (which then got featured in a story, which then got featured as a photo on Ravelry!). For helping out I got a prize - two, really!! A gift certificate (thus ensuring I'll be back to Fibre Space... as if there was any doubt!), and a copy of "Pure Knits" by Yahaira Ferreira (Lark Books). It's full of lovely patterns (Rav link)! I think the first one I'll do is Ice Queen, I just have to decide on the yarn. Orange would be very "me", but would it work with the pattern?

Then, I also adore the cover look, "Chains of Love". That's getting done in two colors, at least - and the cables and chains are TOTALLY getting done in silver. Hello, soft, cuddly steampunk!

There are a *lot* of lovely patterns in the book. Aran sweaters. Light, lofty lace things. Even lighter, loftier lace things. Hats. Scarves. Cute things for tykes. I really think Ice Queen will be my first thing knit up, though!

Friday, December 2, 2011

And now, for some relaxing knitting!

Wednesday night, since I made it all the way through work, I wandered (albeit slowly) to Fibre Space to peruse the Madeline Tosh MadTosh Merino Light. As it turns out, I love it, so I got three skeins, one each in Byzantine, Moorlands and Brothers Grimm. I've already cast on with it: I'm doing Wollkistchen's Advent Calendar Scarf for 2011: LINK. Instead of all one color, I'll be doing all the divider segments (25 total!) in Brothers Grimm (black), then alternating the Day Patterns in Moorlands (green) and Byzantine (brick), starting with Day One in Moorlands. (My original plan had been to do a beaded version using Neighborhood Fiber Company's Penthouse Lace in the bright purple, with lovely dark iridescent beads. That plan didn't survive the MadTosh Merino Light.) There's a knitalong group on Ravelry, Advent Calendar Scarf 2011, if you want to play along. (Here, also, is the link to last year's scarf, which is also lovely. I'm about halfway through that one, in some lovely Neighborhood Fibre Company "Loft" in a lovely forest green. There's also a Rav group for the 2010 scarf, if you have any questions about it, the answers are probably in there!)

Day One

Since midnight Thursday in the far side of Europe is 5pm Wednesday on the here side of the US, I was able to start my "spacer row" last night. Several people had already posted their finished Day One in the "Day 1" thread in the Ravelry group by the time I got to work on Thursday! I caught up to yesterday (Day 1) at lunch, and was able to get the spacer in preparation for Day 2 done on the train ride home. So, this morning, I got Day 2 done:

six rows shy of being done with Day Two

Sorry I didn't get this up yesterday, but it's not too late to join in! I started four days behind last year, and caught up quickly!