Friday, November 18, 2011

The almost-nightmare of Not Enough Yarn!

OMG, the internet is back! The internet is back!! We've been cut off since last Wednesday, and if I hadn't spent part of the prior Monday making up a bunch of posts for automatic drop (yeah, I do that sometimes), the blog would've been a lot quieter. As I learned yesterday, posting from my phone just isn't gonna cut it! So... let's see. What have I been up to? Finished five more classes (turning them in today while I still have a connection!), got my Rogue hoodie about halfway up the hood (hoping to finish the hood today, so I can bang out the sleeves early next week). Got the OWL up to 68%, and discovered that I didn't have NEARLY enough yarn.


Thankfully, exists, and they had exactly three balls (what I figured I'd need) left in the colorway I needed, so I ordered it with Super-Fast shipping (it's an OWL, and I was panicking!). And it got here!

I then proceeded to not touch my OWL for five days, in favor of my BROOM (the hoodie), doing the finishing on my classes, and trying to decide if I'm really going to have time to do Fire Task #3. I don't *have* to do it, since to get my Silver Serpent First Class, I just have to do Quidditch once, and I've done five of the six events. I may also let Detention go. It all depends on getting the BROOM done ASAP, and working like a demon to finish the OWL on schedule. Because that's a LOT of points for the House if I can get those done - but ALL THE POINTS would be really nice. We'll see.

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