Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Future Projects....

Look what I found on the Interwebs! A Sew Retro online course to sew a Perfect Fit Bombshell Dress!

Of course, finding it wasn't really hard - since it's in the sidebar of Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing, which is one of my favorite reading blogs. I just finally *noticed* it was there. Between that, and finding sewing magazines, and re-locating my dress form (it never left the house. I would've sworn it was in storage), the Universe has been telling me to sew something. (It's also been telling me to start drawing again. I think the universe wants me to clean up my studio once and for all.)

Look what else I found on the Interwebs!!

It's a CROCHETED Hello Kitty! Scarf in the Made by K - Tutorials blog! Oooooo!!!

No, I don't need another Hello Kitty scarf, since I'm not sure where the double-sided illusion knit one I made is right now. (It had BETTER be somewhere safe.)... but it's really really cute!!

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