Friday, November 25, 2011

Oh, and I'm also trying to finish a 50,000-word book.

For Detention this month, we're allowed to turn in Non-Rav crafts. When I got my iPhone last spring, my darling husband actually got me (from Far Overseas, in a language he doesn't know) some cross-stitchable iPhone covers. (Okay, the site is now in English!) I started doing a Teresa Wentzler border around the edge (from the free "Stretch" dragon pattern - which I've stitched a couple of times!) of one of them the second I got it.... and then got bored. Or distracted. Or something. Here's how it's looked for the last half-year or so:

I got the stitching done for the edge, but not the backstitch - and as you can see, on the right side of the case, it's much easier to see the Celtic knotwork, since it's highlighted by backstitching. The left side, not so much.

Of course, finishing the border is one thing; figuring out what to put in the center is another. Originally, I'd wanted a sun/moon sort of celestial thing. The space I had left was 17w x 52h, which is really thin & tall. TW, however, has an amazing Renaissance Bookmark chart (free!) that I'd somehow missed. THE CENTER IS 17st wide! And if I just do a set of the rings - well, they're 51 st high. I'll just have an extra row up at the top near the camera. I am totally amazed that there was a TW that is so perfectly adapted to an iPhone cover. Then, it was just a case of finishing it.

Um. In case I hadn't mentioned it, it's a TERESA WENTZLER design. Even making modifications to discount half-stitches (not possible on the plastic grid of the case) and not using the exact colors she called for (tweeding: not going to work here!), there's still some intricate stuff going on here, and I don't care who you are, 884 stitches and a whole lot of backstitching isn't exactly a walk in the park!

Probably won't finish it, but at least there's a chance I will!

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