Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Final Two

My final two classes were either easy or really strange. Muggle Studies was all about "police", and crime, and how police solve them - except for Option 4, which was make "something that would help hide evidence of crime". Since I wanted to make a Swiffer cover for my Dad, that seemed like a good fit. My turn-in said something about "hiding evidence is bad; but someone's got to clean up afterwards." It's a very bright color. Very, very bright. This photo doesn't really get across how very brightly-colored this Swiffer-cover is:

Then there was Astronomy, which had the prompt "make something to keep someone warm (by yourself or with a partner)." I did a shout-out for a partner, but then lost internet, so I figured I'm on my own. Luckily, "on my own" was an option. What to make wound up being "what I didnt' make for Fire Task #3". I was going to do a little jacket or a shawl or something out of bulky yarn, but only had a couple of hundred yarns of any given thing - just not enough. So, what was "the scarf of the set" turned into "a warm scarf of 104 yards", and I had my final class done.

Now I just have to get my BROOM and OWL done and turned in, and, maybe if I'm lucky/don't sleep, the third Fire Task and/or Detention!

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