Wednesday, November 30, 2011

OWLfail, BROOMwin

Been sick for almost a week, so didn't get anywhere close to finished on the OWL (I'm at about 81%). Did manage to get my Rogue Hoodie done last night. Here's my turn-in post:

TO:       Mission Chief Seakame - Undercover Operations

FROM:      Moira Hazard (aka CraftyGryphon)

RE:        Some Confusion as to Records Maintenance Or Something


I would like to thank the Order for allowing me to go in pursuit of my sister Carrollon. I believed that she was in peril, so rendered myself ordinary - regarless of my surroundings. To this end, I fashioned a hooded pullover much like my sister's:

Wearing this pullover, I was able to infiltrate the demense of Minos Rockwood undetected and locate, then rescue, my sister. And then things just got flat-out strange.

I would like to enter into the permanent records of the Order the following:

1. There really, REALLY needs to be some sort of way of letting one agent know if another is in the field. Well, I realize that's impractical. But if there's a deep-cover operative (like, say, the second son of a decesased Death Eater?) working with the Order to start up a "forbidden subversive organization" to more easily keep tabs on forbidden subversives, then it would be nice if the fiance of said deep-cover operative was able to tell her little sister she was okay.

2. There should also be some sort of rules against two deep-cover operatives getting married. I really wasn't planning on being related to any of the Rockwoods, let alone all of them. Also, my new brother-in-law is something of an arrogant twit. The only thing saving him is the fact that he evidently really loves my sister.

3. My sister Carrolon has declared that I'm not to be allowed "off my leash" again until I'm a bit older. (She's also being a bit of a twit, but I figure most new brides are like that.) She says, though, that I did well, and I should add that I managed to quietly subdue her and Minos, and spirit her away most successfully. And I made her PROVE that she wasn't under any malign influence, curse, or binding before I let her go back to Minos. And I made HIM prove he was okay, too. So I should be allowed another Mission in the future - just not one that's going to interfere with her and/or her husband. She recommends putting me in Gringotts or the Records Room until I'm a bit older.

Please forward all correspondence to me care of Mrs. Carrollon Rockwood at Rockwood Manor (until the WInter Term starts).

(Also, any Chocolate Frogs would be appreciated.)

And yes, I have random frayed cables hanging out of parts of my house for no reason other than to give me props for photos!

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