Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So much yarn, so VERY much wrong...

Okay, how many things can you find wrong with this picture (from the recent Harriet Carter catalog)??

Whoever finds the most things wrong gets a Genuine No-Prize!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New project, starting Thursday.

The Resolutions 2009 Group on Ravelry is throwing a Socktoberfest (!!), and I have this lovely orange yarn I got from Fibre Space, so I'm designing some Pumpkin Vine socks for them. Not sure if I'm actually going to have any green over-stitching with it - probably not. But I may do a multicolor version later!!

Have I mentioned I love the fact that my ancient (in computer years) DigiStitch program actually works really well for graphing out knitting patterns? If I sketch something out on knitting graph paper (to make sure the proportions are right), I can then draw it in the program so I can actually see which many stitches what takes. This is a screen shot of Take I of the Pumpkin Vine Socks. I'm looking forward to Thursday, so I can start knitting them (assuming I finish another project from The List in the next two days, that is)!

Monday, September 28, 2009

We interrupt this blog for this important announcement...

Okay, so I have been finishing things, yay!

Here is the Thursday Night version of my lovely phoenix:

... and here it is, FINISHED!! (This is exciting. I started this in 2006.)

Yaaaay!!! I think I got the bird placed just perfectly on the hand-dyed cloth - it really looks luminous (more so in person; my phone camera really isn't made for this sort of thing). The eye and beak are clear iridescent beads attached with the same yellow thread as the rest of the bird. Also, must note that this was a September finish, which is why my UFO count for September seemed to go down more that you otherwise might have thought. But hey - it's DONE!

Friday, September 25, 2009

My favoritest kitty.

This is my favorite simple canvas I've ever done, because of the subject matter. She looks just like the kitty that raised me. (Seriously. My mom & dad were there, too, but I always felt like I was disappointing the cat when I got in trouble. Mostly because she was the one who ratted me out to my parents. She had That Look down pat. Her name was Co Kim Wat ("Miss Blue Eyes"), and even though it's two decades since she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I still miss her.)

Started the 9th; finished the 11th. Couldn't put the little darling down. No specialty stitches in this one, but I changed her eyes to metallic filament (they really pop!), changed her fur to Seal-Point Siamese (as opposed to Rag Doll), changed the colors of the blanket and the background so I liked them better, and left off the "ties" on the "quilt". But hey, no specialty stitches!!

I got a pretty little needs-a-5"x5"-needlework-insert wooden box years ago. Haven't put anything in it, because I didn't like anything I'd done enough, until now. Kitty is my new box top!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Soft Fuzzy Wallpaper

This week, some wallpaper for you.

Want a soft fuzzy knitted background? I have some close-ups of my Knotty or Knice socks! Right click and choose "set as background"/Stretch on whichever you'd like. I'm going to try to get some ultra-high resolution pics as well; I'll link those when I get them, but I like the slightly blurry of the smaller, less detailed photo. It looks soft, and is very soothing. I like the darker one better, but your choice will probably depend on what sort of icons (dark or light) you tend to have on your desktop.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shiny leaves and other things

I celebrate fall by putting shiny holographic leaf stickers on my netbook:

... and by taking photos of leafprints on the car.

I love Fall. It means the Season of No Allergies is just around the corner!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Field Trip!!

So, a few weeks back, I discovered Fibre Space. Rather, someone tweeted something about it, I happened to read it and realized it was Not That Far Away. By the end of that day, I had a map, and had promised my husband 5 Guys hamburgers for dinner if he'd go on a field trip with me. Turns out, the store is REALLY easy to get to from the King Street Metro - either walk, or take the Free Trolley that conveniently drops you at the corner the shop is on. See?

We found it pretty quickly...

The Storefront

Closeup. Cool mannequins, eh?

Needless to say, I ran amok inside. I'll be coming back with one of the better cameras (if not The Good Camera) to get better photos of the interior. Let me say: I LOVE the way this store is laid out. Bulky yarn is all Here; then you move in a clockwise manner, finally reaching the laceweight, which is over There. And it's arranged by color, to boot. I've never had such an easy time finding what I wanted in a yarn store!! Some had to follow me home. Hm, I need better pictures of this too. Anyway, three skeins of laceweight and two skeins of sock yarn came home with me.

The yarn looks out, sadly, from the 5 Guys window at its former home.
Relocation after relocation: such is the cross that yarn must bear.

I really do have to get back there to get better pics. Really. I know there are fine photos on the Fibre Space website and all, but, um, I need to get some of my own? I'm not going back just because of the yarn.

And if you believe that, I've got a lovely bridge in Brooklyn that's for sale, cheap...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Must rethink my strategy.

Okay, so I'm going to have to give up on actually getting anything done for Level I during the weekends. I just moved up to Defcon 2 on my Allergy Shots on Saturday morning, and that took the rest of the weekend away. So, really, I'm going to try to go home and do SOMETHING tonight, since the weekend thing is clearly not working for me.

I really, really want something positive to report next week!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Finished Item: Knotty or Knice Knee Socks

So, in order to stay on track with an average of three started projects off the list per month, I needed to finish six in August, since July had none. By the start of the final week of August, I'd finished the Comfy Bedsocks, the Dream Swatch Head Scarf for the Lovely L, The Simple Bedsocks (pattern forthcoming, I swear), and my Rainbow Mist wimple/smoke ring. So, by Tuesday morning, I needed to finish up two more things. Any two things would do, as long as they got a number Off The List. At that time, I had two socks at this stage:

Because I am delusional, I thought I'd have those socks finished by Monday, the 31st. That, as you can guess (if you don't already know), didn't happen. By the start of the month, they were here:

It's a bit of a trick to take a picture of one's own leg from the toe, but I managed. Hand shook, though, so it's blurry... but hey, my calves don't look massive like they tend to in knee-down shots!! Anyway, the socks went on, and I did finally finish them on Monday night, whilst watching the new Leno show. Or possibly I was going to stay awake until they were done, so I might as well watch Leno... Anyway, here they are!

It's three balls of Patons Kroy sock yarn, plus four or so rows of Sanguine Gryphon "Theseus & the Minotaur" kit leftovers, since I ran out of grey. But I wanted knee socks that actually stayed up, and these actually do! Yay for decreasing! Yay for that cool "knit six rows, knit a purl row, knit six rows, cast off whilst attaching to inside sock at bottom of first row" way to end a toe-up sock! Yay for finished, nice-looking Knotty or Knice knee socks!!

I also managed to at least draw the marks-to-follow on my little quilted chessboard (I hope you can tell from these grainy photos). The top one just shows the quilting; in the bottom one, I've started to wrap the stitches on the non-chessboard side, so the outline of the Christmas Tree (and planter, and three stars) will really show up on that side, and not really be visible on the chessboard side. Whee! That's the plan, anyway; we'll see if it works.

And I learned to iron shirts, since I had the iron out anyway on Wednesday night. Not really a "craft", but definitely a skill, and one that I don't really have just yet. Also fixed a buttonhole, another new thing.

I've started lugging Clapotis around with me everywhere again. If I could just finish the second ball of yarn, I'd feel like I was actually making progress, but even if I dig into the ball as far as I can (without hurting the yarn), the third ball still isn't visible. How the heck long is "400 yds", anyway??

I've also pulled my Phoenix cross-stitch off its Q-Snaps; now that I'm on the final color (but for the eye and the beak), it's way the heck faster to stitch in-hand. I've started the Mystery Project for my mother, and it's almost time to dig into the rampaging pile of UFOs to find things I can finish quickly. I need three more finishes this month to stay on track. Yikes!! This shot is with all the orange finished, as of Wednesday night several weeks ago.

Hopefully, I'll have another finish to show you soon!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yarn on Thursday - Clapotis!

So, having finished a few things (more on that Friday), I'm back to Clapotis as my carry-around project.

I'm about halfway through Ball of Yarn #2 (of 3), and I need some motivation to keep going. I re-watched several Clapoitis-related episodes of Let's Knit2gether. Then, I went on a photo hunt, and thanks to the Trusty InterWebs, I found some amazing photos of the finished product. I decided to share, which took two seconds; putting this post together took a couple of hours, but I know y'all like looking at the pretties just like I do, so it's worth it. Click on a photo to go to the blog entry with that photo in it; click on the link below the photo to go to the current blog entries for that blog.






(also has blog for Pet Photography business)

(Blog in... Portuguese?)


(blog not presently active)


(blog not presently active)


by The Designer, Kate Gilbert








This is but a SMALL sampling of what I found in a two-word Google search - there are at least 35 PAGES full of finished Clapotis pictures (and some other cool things), and I found a bunch of great new-to-me knit+blogs to follow. Click through on the links above to examine them yourself - there's some really lovely work.

And, just because, one of the photos (and blogs) I discovered was this - I wish the full-size version was still available:

Let Them Knit Cake!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days? I think I'm having one. You see, I like harness boots. A lot. Enough so that I have several pairs (half a dozen, probably, if I could track them all down). Two of them are square-heel, broad-toe black ankle boots. Here is one boot of each pair:

As you may have guessed, everything was fine this morning until I tried to put on the second boot. Which worked (I have a really high arch), but wasn't really comfortable. Yep, I was wearing two right-foot boots.

I gave up and put on my trainers instead. Which wound up being a good thing, because it gave me incentive to walk in to work the long way, and then down to the water, where I sat and knitted for a much-needed twenty-minute break. Yay!

Stay tuned for tomorrow - there will be LOTS of pictures of a really lovely project, with versions knitted by folks all over the world!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Practical Skills Application

So, on my honeymoon in Fargo, North Dakota (yeah, you read that right), I was able to talk my shiny new husband into dropping by Nordic Needle, an amazingly wonderful cross-stitch/hardanger store. (Yeah. He actually went WITH ME needlework shopping ON OUR HONEYMOON. I totally had to marry him.) I got a lovely little hardanger kit, a photograph of which continues to elude me. However, during the learning-of-hardanger, I also got really good at buttonhole stitch for the edging of things. Until last night, however, I had never used this skill on an ACTUAL BUTTONHOLE. But now, I have:

And, whilst trying to find a photo of the elusive First Hardanger Project, I went to my other craft blog (craftygryphon.livejournal) and looked at some of my lovely cross stitch finishes from the last few years. I really do finish stuff, and it really does turn out well. The thing that amazed me? Of the 12 things pictured on the first page, 5 were for other people. I don't think of myself as ever making things for other people, but I guess I do. Huh. (Anyway, there's more than just the first page there; hit "go earlier" at the bottom for more. Many pretties!)

My favorite is a thread doodle I did in 2004 - as in no chart, just sorta winging it as I went... it came out great, and if I find it again, I'm totally putting it in Woodlawn. It's in my house, somewhere...!

Also rediscovered, to my amusement, a 2003 post from a knitblog I was doing "for practice." (Of writing regularly? Of HTML? No clue.) I didn't actually get a blog for two more years, but I'd been practicing my code in advance, it seems. So, April-ish, 2003, is when I started becoming a Knitter. Neat! And in May, getting Kelly Clarkson's first album was, evidently, key. Man, that really doesn't scream "six years ago" to me - time is really flying!

Coolest find that I'd forgotten I had, though, was a pic of me and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot, when she was on tour a few years back. She's holding Cup-o-Shawl, which eventually became the Lilly of the Valley shawl from Lace Style. Yay!

Actual knitting content will return shortly. Probably tomorrow. Thank you for your patience!!