Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Masters Monday: Week 12...

So, after last Monday's entry, I decided I had to do *something*. So, when I got home, I started putting together my binder. As it turns out, the page protectors for the report and questions do *not* have to be top-loading, so I can still use my side-loaders for that. So, here is my binder - it's a 1.5", and is the lightest-weight one I could find, since shipping cost is a concern. Its a deep orangey red, since they didn't have bright orange as an option. (This matches my hat better, anyway.)

And that is all I did. You'll note that this was actually posted Tuesday, and then the Tuesday entry was posted shortly thereafter so maybe you won't actually read this.

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  1. I want to take TKGA Master Hand Knitting but am scared to death. If you would hold my hand, I would do it.....yup.


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