Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Delaying Tactics...!

(Note: Quilters - the last paragraph is for you!)

So, during the Great Shoe Shopping Expedition of August, 2009, I was dragged into L.L. Bean. Dragged, I tell you. Of course, there are always wonderful things there - the usual camping gear and backpacks (I've owned at least one Bean backpack for... hm. Almost 25 years now!), and now - COOKIES!

Tote Bags are SUCH the quintessential "Bean" thing!

Ditto Duck Boots. Although... I don't actually own a pair currently. How odd...

Chocolate Labs are new to me.

Had to get this tote, though - and the little one that matches.
I mean - a Bean tote... in BRONCOS colors??

Oh, there are sweaters, too.

Shoes? Oh, those were for my husband!

Now, I showed you all that as a distraction, since that was the weekend before last. You see, there was All That Sock Knitting that was supposed to happen over this past weekend, right? Clearly, I must have spent every waking moment knitting socks. Except... I didn't. I left the house on several occasions, and didn't knit while I was out (much). For example, I saw this Betsey Johnson bag, which I didn't buy (because I already have it in the gold & silver verson):

I saw some cute little dresses with a "Welcome, Sasha & Malia!" sign:

I really like the neckline on the red dress, but I'm a sucker for anything with a Greek key motif. And I saw this iron, which changes color depending on how hot it is:

Now, this iron? For $17? I may have to go back and get it, since (a) it changes color and (b) it lists for twice that. It's gotten Rave Reviews at, so it looks like THE iron for quilting. I'm hoping it's still there tonight!!

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  1. give an iron review. Even though I do not iron much these days, I really should replace my 1969 iron!


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