Friday, September 18, 2009

Finished Item: Knotty or Knice Knee Socks

So, in order to stay on track with an average of three started projects off the list per month, I needed to finish six in August, since July had none. By the start of the final week of August, I'd finished the Comfy Bedsocks, the Dream Swatch Head Scarf for the Lovely L, The Simple Bedsocks (pattern forthcoming, I swear), and my Rainbow Mist wimple/smoke ring. So, by Tuesday morning, I needed to finish up two more things. Any two things would do, as long as they got a number Off The List. At that time, I had two socks at this stage:

Because I am delusional, I thought I'd have those socks finished by Monday, the 31st. That, as you can guess (if you don't already know), didn't happen. By the start of the month, they were here:

It's a bit of a trick to take a picture of one's own leg from the toe, but I managed. Hand shook, though, so it's blurry... but hey, my calves don't look massive like they tend to in knee-down shots!! Anyway, the socks went on, and I did finally finish them on Monday night, whilst watching the new Leno show. Or possibly I was going to stay awake until they were done, so I might as well watch Leno... Anyway, here they are!

It's three balls of Patons Kroy sock yarn, plus four or so rows of Sanguine Gryphon "Theseus & the Minotaur" kit leftovers, since I ran out of grey. But I wanted knee socks that actually stayed up, and these actually do! Yay for decreasing! Yay for that cool "knit six rows, knit a purl row, knit six rows, cast off whilst attaching to inside sock at bottom of first row" way to end a toe-up sock! Yay for finished, nice-looking Knotty or Knice knee socks!!

I also managed to at least draw the marks-to-follow on my little quilted chessboard (I hope you can tell from these grainy photos). The top one just shows the quilting; in the bottom one, I've started to wrap the stitches on the non-chessboard side, so the outline of the Christmas Tree (and planter, and three stars) will really show up on that side, and not really be visible on the chessboard side. Whee! That's the plan, anyway; we'll see if it works.

And I learned to iron shirts, since I had the iron out anyway on Wednesday night. Not really a "craft", but definitely a skill, and one that I don't really have just yet. Also fixed a buttonhole, another new thing.

I've started lugging Clapotis around with me everywhere again. If I could just finish the second ball of yarn, I'd feel like I was actually making progress, but even if I dig into the ball as far as I can (without hurting the yarn), the third ball still isn't visible. How the heck long is "400 yds", anyway??

I've also pulled my Phoenix cross-stitch off its Q-Snaps; now that I'm on the final color (but for the eye and the beak), it's way the heck faster to stitch in-hand. I've started the Mystery Project for my mother, and it's almost time to dig into the rampaging pile of UFOs to find things I can finish quickly. I need three more finishes this month to stay on track. Yikes!! This shot is with all the orange finished, as of Wednesday night several weeks ago.

Hopefully, I'll have another finish to show you soon!

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