Thursday, May 28, 2015

Deep Time Out

Sweaters, of course, are not the only thing that misbehaves. Shawls, do, too. This is my absolute 100% worst offender project EVER. It is made from the following AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL yarn:

"ESPRESSO-CRIMSON-GOLD PAINTBOX GRADIENT ON FOOT NOTES YARN: 15 mini-skeins of 30 yards each which transition from deep espresso through chocolate and rich blood reds before ending in bright gold. A total of 450 yards (4.25 ounces) of 80% Superwash merino, 20% nylon fingering-weight yarn."

Please see for more amazing gradients!

I want to state clearly, and for the record, that this yarn is in NO WAY at fault for the resulting chain of disasters. The yarn soldiered on nobly, trying again and again to do what I wanted.

What I wanted was an optical illusion basketweave geometric design on a shawl. Should be pretty easy, as I've tried similar, and not completely killed myself doing it. This shawl, however, wasn't going to cooperate.

The first incarnation, I got to the third skein of the 15 (I started on the Espresso end) and realized that sockweight yarn on size 8 needles doesn't lend itself to hiding yarn tails very well. So I went through and spliced all 15 balls into one giant ball (Yeah.), and tried again. Things were going ok, then I missed a turn... one of the ends of a rectangle didn't happen, so I had to frog out a few rows. I tried to get it back, and it just wouldn't... so I frogged the whole thing.

This happened about once a month for an entire YEAR. Yes, year. I got the yarn at the 2014 MDS&W. I think I might have skipped a month or two in there somewhere, but I feel pretty confident that I tried to start this thing at least eight times and never got past the second color of the gradient!!

I recently (as in "just before the 2015 MDS&W") found the Knit Mate app (iOS only so far).

Made using the Knit Mate app, which is pretty cool!

I tried again, and it worked! It was going beautifully! And then I realized I'd only done HALF of the row... I did about 50 rows without the second half of the triangle shawl. I thought about saying "pfeh, that's fine!" and making it a bottum-up-from-the-point shawl, but. Darnit, I want the shawl I had envisioned!!

So I tried again. And again. I almost made it to the third color the last time, and then something was horribly wrong again. I'd forgotten a turn, so I dropped just the necessary stitches and tried to fix it, and it just wouldn't fix. Something was just OFF.

So, I frogged the whole thing, and wound up the yarn into a pleasant, pretty little cake.

Yep, those are Signatures. I have two sets, size 4 and 8.

I have since pulled out a ball of Done Roving Footlights Transitions, and I'm making a Fall of Leaves shawl, instead. It's going much, much better.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sweaters Being Bad, Part 2

There's a bunch of us doing the featherweight cardigan. I decided to do mine in laceweight yarn, so I am very, very behind everyone else (they're done, I'm not!). I decided, therefore, to start another one, and kick it up to Aran weight because (a) it would be faster and (b) Penny at the store has this really cool stars-and-stripes pullover she made out of Berroco RemixTM, and I wanted one. So, I figured out that the cast-on-60-stitches should work, and got this far: which point, I ran out of yarn. The store was also out of yarn, and I really realy wanted to finish this for a class this month. So, rush order on yarn from, and the rest of the yarn arrives:

(along with some yarn to start a shawl like the one the Featherweight Cardi Instigator is doing - she gets me in more trouble...!), and by last Tuesday morning, I was this far:

It. Did. Not. Work.

That's not a cute, fitted cardigan. That is something approaching a late-50s/80s batwing monstrosity, which is not at all what I wanted. (Mind you, this is after having done one of the sleeves twice because the decreases weren't happening fast enough... now I know why. Sleeve was ripped before that photo.)

So, then came the realization that even steeking wasn't going to save this... it was ALL GOING TO HAVE TO COME OUT.

There may have been tears at that point.

Yes, that's intarsia. Yes, it is hard to frog.

I have since restarted the sweater, but I don't think I'm going to have it done by Sunday (and I didn't have it done by Memorial Day, which was kinda the point, sigh). So, there's that.


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Baby Geese

Starting your week off with the xtreme cute that is baby geese, yo!

Hope you're enjoying your long weekend!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

A finished thing!

Some time since January, I was somewhere in a craft or dollar store, and picked up this:

It's cute, it's easy, it's an owl. I think it was either fifty cents or a dollar. So I got it.

The real miracle is that I have actually FINISHED it in the same year I bought it! See?

It was supposed to be all cross stitches mostly, but pfffffft on that! I had fun, added a couple of colors that weren't in the kit, and just had fun. I noticed later that my front side was actually the back (there are laser lines to show where the wings are & such on the front), but whooooo cares?

Not this little owl. I finished something!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sweaters Being Bad, Part 1

So, we got the new Cascade Tangier in stock, and I was all "OOOOO PRETTY WANT!" and needed something to knit up, and decided a Tee for Two would be awesome.

And it was. This is GREAT yarn, feels good to knit up, I like the drape on the needles I'm using (size 7). The only problem is that I was a bad, bad rabbit and didn't do a gauge swatch.

Yeah. I know.

So, I had the front and the back knit up, and one side mostly done... and tried it on. It was Not Good. Unless I wanted a totally off-the-shoulder sexy midriff-baring sweater. Which, since I wanted a tee shirt, was not going to work.

Frogged the side, and unpicked the cast off edges on front and back.

I have since made both front and a good four inches longer, and have done one side, with bonus short rows for the sleeve cap, and there *will* be longer sleeves. Picking up the stitches for the other side and getting going on that, hopefully remembering what I did on the first side so it matches. (I *did* write it down... I just don't know WHERE.)

So, maybe this "I can wear this to MDS&W!" tee will actually be finished sometime this summer.

Unless it plays more dirty tricks on me, in which case it's going into DEEP time out.