Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New project, starting Thursday.

The Resolutions 2009 Group on Ravelry is throwing a Socktoberfest (!!), and I have this lovely orange yarn I got from Fibre Space, so I'm designing some Pumpkin Vine socks for them. Not sure if I'm actually going to have any green over-stitching with it - probably not. But I may do a multicolor version later!!

Have I mentioned I love the fact that my ancient (in computer years) DigiStitch program actually works really well for graphing out knitting patterns? If I sketch something out on knitting graph paper (to make sure the proportions are right), I can then draw it in the program so I can actually see which many stitches what takes. This is a screen shot of Take I of the Pumpkin Vine Socks. I'm looking forward to Thursday, so I can start knitting them (assuming I finish another project from The List in the next two days, that is)!

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  1. Too funny, I have Digistitch too! I recognized the screen shot right away. Those socks look like they are going to be awesome!


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