Friday, September 25, 2009

My favoritest kitty.

This is my favorite simple canvas I've ever done, because of the subject matter. She looks just like the kitty that raised me. (Seriously. My mom & dad were there, too, but I always felt like I was disappointing the cat when I got in trouble. Mostly because she was the one who ratted me out to my parents. She had That Look down pat. Her name was Co Kim Wat ("Miss Blue Eyes"), and even though it's two decades since she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I still miss her.)

Started the 9th; finished the 11th. Couldn't put the little darling down. No specialty stitches in this one, but I changed her eyes to metallic filament (they really pop!), changed her fur to Seal-Point Siamese (as opposed to Rag Doll), changed the colors of the blanket and the background so I liked them better, and left off the "ties" on the "quilt". But hey, no specialty stitches!!

I got a pretty little needs-a-5"x5"-needlework-insert wooden box years ago. Haven't put anything in it, because I didn't like anything I'd done enough, until now. Kitty is my new box top!


  1. She is gorgeous and will be lovely as your new box stop

  2. Ming Toy I and successor Ming Toy II were my cohorts as I progressed through childhood. Also Siamese, they followed me everywhere and always could ferret me out whether I was 2 or 16. Sweet piece.

  3. So...when are you free to re-teach me how to do things?

  4. Very pretty. Enjoy your kitty on your box top.


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