Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another Magazine!

I got another magazine.

I like Knitting Traditions for the articles, but there's also frequently a pattern or two - IN EACH ISSUE I BUY! - that I'll actually wind up making. This time, I was immediately drawn to this Eskimo Sweater:

It is EXACTLY like one my mother knitted when we lived in Alaska (well, hers was green), and I'm totally making a green-and-grey one for myself. Or one in Black, Red, and Yellow as part of my With Flames Muggle Studies OWL next term... hmmm... yeah, I think that's a plan!

Then, I flipped through from the back, and saw a sock. It looked REALLY familiar - since I have a kit with said sock in it (it's the last of the Fairy Tale Sock Club kits I have to knit up). I was getting really worried - had someone ripped off my friend's design? Was EVIL happening in an otherwise wonderful magazine?

NOPE! It's Gryphon's pattern, with her name on it and everything!!

I squealed loudly and gleefully and pointed it out to my husband, who managed to not roll his eyes. It is just SO COOL seeing people I know appear unexpectedly in Real Live Magazines! (And yes, I know, if I paid more attention to the world around me, I probably would've known this was happening in advance. But I'm oblivious most of the time, so it as a wonderful surprise!)

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