Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lines, Spaces and Poison

For Divination, we had the option to make "something with lines and spaces." I made some glass cozies, which just happened to make up beautiful long stripes of color. With some blathering about negative space, and what isnt' seen as important as what is seen (it's Divination, after all), I'm hoping the professors will buy it. I think they will. (And in case you hadn't realized it yet, this is one of my go-to patterns. Glass cozies are one of the most useful things out there that you don't need, but it's nice to have!)

Without the space,
there would be no place to put a drink,
rendering the item useless!

Then, for Herbology, we could make "something to protect you against poisons." Once again, glass cozies to the rescue! These, according to my turn-in post, protect against most toxins and several minor jinxes of the sort that some prankster always tries at holiday gatherings.

So, four down, two to go!

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