Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Future Projects, Part 1

So, there are some Future Projects lying about my house.

Some lovely green and silver Shepherd's Wool, left over from my Herbology OWL sweater and my Quidditch Vest & Hat.

This is going to turn into a Catkin. I first saw this pattern on The YarnHarlot's Blog here and here. I then rumbled around Ravelry, and looked atall the pretty finished ones (Rav link), and knew I wanted one. And knew I wanted it in silver and green. Which, fortunately, I just happen to have. (I also discovered a Catkin set at the flickrhivemind.net; there's a gorgeous blue and gold version by ChaucerCat that's worth looking at!)

Orange Dragonfly Fibers yarn. Very orange, very lovely, four skeins.

Destined to become a shortsleeved sweater/cardi of some sort - probably, combined with my Miss Babs Yowza! BROOM leftovers, probably this one:

That's a teeny image of a sweater featured in the first issue of Knit+Wear, which had a LOT of things I'll probably make in it, that sweater being the first. I don't even think I've lost the magazine in my house yet!

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