Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Kauni Got Me.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm doing Wollkistchen's Advent Calendar Scarf for 2011: LINK. So far, so good, still on schedule. Since I've got a Time Advantage (the pattern for a particular Day drops, for me, at 5pm the day before), I haven't fallen behind yet, although it's been close once or twice. Here's what I have so far, for the first week:

This was a little triangle-lace motif that gives the border of the scarf a pretty scalloped edge:

Day 1

Next, we had lace with cables (ooo!):

Day 2

Next up, some wavy green not-cables... kinda cool!

Day 3

Then, some snowflake lace. I stopped half a repeat short of what was called for, so it would balance top-to-bottom. (In my opinion; I'm quite certain it's fine as written, too, based on all the lovely photos in the Day 4 thread of the Rav group.)

Day 4

About now, I'm realizing that I love the MadTosh Merino Light I'm using, and that it's REALLY REALLY going to benefit from blocking. The stitch definition is good now, ditto the lace, but it'll be spectacular once everything is opened up and stretched out a bit. And I'm actually making a shawl, as it turns out - without much stretching, mine's over two feet wide; with blocking, it'll probably hit 30in/2.5ft! Also? It's a TOTAL BEAR to photograph it just now. It really, really needs to be blocked so you can see the pretty better. (Some people are actually pinning out their scarves each day for the daily photograph; I'm lucky to get it knitted, and couldn't find my pins to save my life. They're in a bag marked "OWL DO NOT LOSE" lost somewhere in my house.)

On to some leafy-looking stuff in the next band; I'm glad it randomly wound up on a "green" day:

Day 5

Then, this fun one. The chart was NOT making sense to me (and I'm one of those that usually prefers charts to written instructions), so I actually didn't start it until Day 6 (thus getting me horribly behind for the day, since I'm supposed to be ready to start Day 7 on the commute home the previous night).

Day 6

By the end of Day 6, I've determined that I'm not knitting an Advent Calendar Scarf. I'm actually knitting two twelve-day shawls, of which this is the first (which will be done by Monday, in time for Yule Cat!). I also had massive fail getting started on Day 7 - I had to cast on three times because of a persitent inability to count to eight several times in succession after 10pm at night. Did manage, finally, just before work started, and using paperclips as markers.

I'm only about halfway through Day 7 at this point - the first time I've actually been behind so far, and I should catch up easily during my coffeeshop time on Saturday afternoon. Why am I behind, you might wonder?

Because I started a Swiss Cheese scarf.

The Kauni got me.

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