Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Glitz-y Wreath

So, Friday evening at Nature's Yarns, I got some Rozetti Marina "Glitz". I was really, really hoping to find some in Emerald, and I did - because when I made my first no-fall scarf from Marina Flora, I thought "hm, this would make a lovely wreath". So, I decided to try it.

It started out as a long chain of sparkly green fluff. Actually, it started out as 11 stitches across of knitting, but even "folded" in half, it wasn't quite the level of fluff I was looking for, so when I managed to drop a stitch (giving me a free-fallen loop of about 3yds in length), I took that as a sign that this wreath should be crocheted. So, chain 6 (skipping a loop in between); then just do a modified dc across. The modified dc involved making sure between each dc there's three or four holes on the yarn, and the first pullthrough is done with the next hole, the second with the hole after that. (I know that doesn't really make sense, but just play with it, you'll get something you like.)

On the final row, just "graft"/dc it to the first row, and pull the little bit of fluff left through the last stitch nice & tight.

I used a wire coathanger for the frame, and added some ribbon. I'm not sure about the ribbon; I might change it to red or gold. And have my mom tie the bow; hers always look super-good, and mine... well, it's definitely bow-shaped, at least.

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