Friday, December 2, 2011

And now, for some relaxing knitting!

Wednesday night, since I made it all the way through work, I wandered (albeit slowly) to Fibre Space to peruse the Madeline Tosh MadTosh Merino Light. As it turns out, I love it, so I got three skeins, one each in Byzantine, Moorlands and Brothers Grimm. I've already cast on with it: I'm doing Wollkistchen's Advent Calendar Scarf for 2011: LINK. Instead of all one color, I'll be doing all the divider segments (25 total!) in Brothers Grimm (black), then alternating the Day Patterns in Moorlands (green) and Byzantine (brick), starting with Day One in Moorlands. (My original plan had been to do a beaded version using Neighborhood Fiber Company's Penthouse Lace in the bright purple, with lovely dark iridescent beads. That plan didn't survive the MadTosh Merino Light.) There's a knitalong group on Ravelry, Advent Calendar Scarf 2011, if you want to play along. (Here, also, is the link to last year's scarf, which is also lovely. I'm about halfway through that one, in some lovely Neighborhood Fibre Company "Loft" in a lovely forest green. There's also a Rav group for the 2010 scarf, if you have any questions about it, the answers are probably in there!)

Day One

Since midnight Thursday in the far side of Europe is 5pm Wednesday on the here side of the US, I was able to start my "spacer row" last night. Several people had already posted their finished Day One in the "Day 1" thread in the Ravelry group by the time I got to work on Thursday! I caught up to yesterday (Day 1) at lunch, and was able to get the spacer in preparation for Day 2 done on the train ride home. So, this morning, I got Day 2 done:

six rows shy of being done with Day Two

Sorry I didn't get this up yesterday, but it's not too late to join in! I started four days behind last year, and caught up quickly!

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