Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Got Presents?

Okay, it's only ten shipping days until Christmas, and you might be stuck for gift ideas and need something for the fiber fanatic in your life. Here are some nifty spots that have Cool Yarn-Related Things. (And if you run out of time, that's OK - that whole Twelve Days of Christmas thing? You've got until January 5. Which is good, because I haven't finished my holiday knitting yet.) You can click on any of the lovely banners below (none of the images for which I'm responsible for, which should be obvious but I just want to state it for perfect clarity, nor am I associated with any of the businesses/charities, I just like them) - clicking on a picture will take you directly to the storefront/information page in question.

1. The Accessory Lady. Cool bracelets with even cooler buttons, or other nifty things; either way, something fun and different!

2. Franklin Habit's fun ornaments (and by popular demand, they're all available), over on - here. And there's lots of other adorable things, too. Um, and take a look at the Doris collection. (Because she might, um, cause trouble if you don't. Don't get on Doris's bad side.)

3. Donate in a friend's name - or for yourself - to Knitters Without Borders, which fundraises for Doctors Without Borders. Knitters have raised over a million dollars!

4. Or, hey, there's always yarn, right? Soft'n'Shiny does some lovely stuff. I have two skeins of my own just waiting for next term to start, and she can always make more. Keep in mind, though, she's in Canada, so it may take a bit longer for things to arrive. Worth the wait, though!

And remember - even if you're not a knitter or stitcher or quilter, there are lovely ladies and gentlemen at all the local shops (look through your prospective recipient's stash - there will be bags with names printed on them to tell you the name of the store if you don't already know it) who can point you towards fun, interesting things... or gift certificates, if you're not 100% sure what to get!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring TheAL on your gift guide! Much appreciated and I look forward to checking out all your picks! Happy Holidays!


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