Thursday, December 29, 2011

I really need to pass my OWL exam next term...

Preparation for the Potions Transfiguration OWL (a snap decision if ever there was one) has begun. The idea: a Tree Skirt based on one that Anthropologie is selling. Granny squares, and lots and lots of color. Mine's gonna be a little bit bigger, though.

As in "might double as a cloak if I do it correctly". To be fair, they actually offer two: one in lots of colors and Granny Squares, and one in a nice off-white with lots and lots of stitches (a sampler skirt, really).

I've got my design (more or less):

I've got my first swatch attempt:

6" at the bottom

6" tall

7" at the top

There will have to be another swatch attempt, because this one doesn't quite give me the angles I need.

I've got a LOT of yarn. Mostly white and off-white, but with some Dazzleaire yellow, pink, blue, peach and green put in for Teh Pretty. Or possibly to put in for all of it - I'm not quite sure how all the colors will go in just yet. Pretty much decide-as-I-go, I think!! I also got a spiffy new Addi crochet hook. (Actually, I got two... but one already broke. WTF?)

As soon as the OWL thread goes up in January, I'll be putting my proposal in. And starting, immediately. Because I really, REALLY need to pass an owl one of these years!

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