Friday, December 9, 2011

Almost Sorting-Time

Sorting at HPKCHC doesn't begin for another week or so (I think), but I'm getting ready. I'm hoping, of course, to sort Slytherin again (I mean, really. Half my real-life wardrobe has skewed green and silver at this point), so I got a little icon ready to go:

And yes, I'm playing LEGO Harry Potter on my phone. I'm having all sorts of fun running back through Freeplay mode and getting all the things I missed, while I'm still going through Goblet of Fire. (I am REALLY not a fan of the actual Fire Task with the dragon, despite the fun I had at the HPKCHC Tri-Wizard Tournament last term.)

During Winter Break (aka December), there's a Yule Cat and Yule Dog being run (no points involved, just fun). Yule Cat is finish making a wearable item; Yule Dog is finish making a nonwearable. Any craft, whatever you want, just finish up something. For Yule Dog, I'm considering these:

The Wisteria Window that I've been working on since... 2006? Maybe? It's fairly close to finished, I think I'm down to just the purple and green leaves on the center bunch (and then, of course, the backstitching). This was meant to be an insert in a totebag long, long ago. I'm not sure where the cloth for said bag went - so I'm just gonna call this one "done" when the stitching is finished...

Then there's this happy little thing, a tiny Michael Powell kit I got back when Scarlet Thread still had a storefront. I'm going to change the text to "Love you!", and I lost the actual chart, so I'm winging it off a big blown-up copy of the cover photo. Hopefully I'll figure it out:

Of course, with the Advent Scarf and trying to get more of my OWL finished, it's going to be interesting. And I'm pretty sure I still have some Christmas Knitting to do....

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  1. I have faith in you to finish those crafts AND figuring out the cross stitching with the photo! I believe in you!!!!


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