Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Please Follow the Posted Instructions.

There are signs on the ball-winder at Fibre Space. One is (paraphrasing here) "Don't let people under Age 13 operate this machine"; the other is a list of things to watch out for, including "don't wind too quickly, or you'll get wonky yarn balls". Normally, I think wonky means "kinda cone-shaped instead of square-ish"; it can also mean "yarnball barfing out both ends if you're not careful." I learned the second one the hard way: I've been knitting my Advent Calendar Scarf with this:

Yeah. It's not easy, it keeps catching on itself, and otherwise behaving like and untrained puppy (minus the piddling, thankfully). This ball of Moorlands (MadTosh Merino Light) is the worst, but there are tiny tails on the Byzantium and Brothers Grimm, as well. It's making for interesting commuting knitting, that's for certain!

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