Friday, December 16, 2011

Get Your Ears On!

So, you're off for a lovely month-long vacation in the Bahamas.

Oh, you're not? That's okay, I'm not, either! I do have some time off from work coming up, though, and as the majority of my plan centers around "relax and knit, possibly with a cup of tea", I'm going to need something to listen to whilst knitting, tea-drinking, and otherwise goofing off. Since holiday music started up well before US Thanksgiving this year (mid-November!), I'm fine with finding something else. So... how about a new knitting podcast?

The lovely Hoxton Handmade, she of the Electric Sheep Podcast, recently did a Special Crossover Episode with APlayfulDay. This is a fact. I have listened to it (and giggled quietly, and been glad I'm the one that opens the office and I'm alone for an hour or so each morning, since while it is possible for *me* to work as I giggle, my coworkers want to know what I'm listening to that's so darned entertaining, and then we all gather 'round and nothing gets done.)

So: I have now downloaded the entire run of APlayfulDay off iTunes, but you can listen directly through the blog, too, right off the internet! (That Holiday Crossover excitement I mentioned? It's Right Here. The blog has not only information for each epidsode, but lots and lots of other fun reading - the very first post, in fact, deals with something I see all the time: commuters freaking out because THERE IS A GIRL KNITTING RIGHT THERE OMG (it happens all over the world, it seems), and there are all sorts of Social Networking Contacts to keep you in touch with All Things Playful (or you can joing the Ravelry Group.

And if you haven't listened to The Electric Sheep? Oh, PLEASE do, it's wonderful! There's the blog, of course, with show notes and knitting and wonderment (Oh, look, you can subscribe to the blog! DONE!!... or I will be once I get my confirmation e-mail... hurry up, confirmation e-mail!), again, if you don't have iTunes (and on iTunes? Make sure you get The Electric Sheep by HoxtonHandmade... not the other one!), you can listen online, too. There's a Ravelry Group that's a HOOT (see the "Feed the Sheep" thread).

Because I was looking at Knitting Podcasts on iTunes, I also stumbled across NeverNotKnitting - which also has a blog with lots of lovely photos and interesting things, a listen on-line option, and... a map of the world showing all the places you can get the lovely patterns! (I'm rather fond of world maps involving Knitting Things.) Oooo, look, it's got a Ravelry Group, too!

Well. That should certainly give me a week of things to listen to. Possibly two. Or three... hm. Maybe I could slip off to the Bahamas for a month?

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