Thursday, December 22, 2011


Happy Solstice, it's now Winter! The days just keep getting longer from here on in, we're past the short part. (At least in the Northern Hemisphere - sorry, Southern Hemisphere, your days will start getting shorter now.)

I know where my knitting is. Or, rather, where my knitting will be, soon: it's hiding in this lovely ball of Blue Ridge sock yarn. Why yes, it is a lovely green/gray combination. No, I haven't the faintest idea what I'll be doing with it - well, okay, I totally know what I'm doing with it: Dee O'Keefe's Ashton Shawlette (available for purchase soon for most of the world - available now to members). The shawlette calls for 420 yards of fingering; I'll play with gauge until I get something that will work. But it's sooooo pretty and sooooo Slytherin...

I actually know Dee O'Keefe, by the way, and have gotten to look at her patterns Up Close. She has *fantastic* instructions and legible charts - and the Ashton shawlette has an excellent walk-through for first-time lace knitters - or first time chart readers. If you don't like knitting charts, it's possible you just haven't come up against any *good* ones. Her amazingly lovely Elizabeth Shawl is currently available on Ravelry. (I'm just telling you just in case someone gives you laceweight/fingering yarn sometime soon and you're not quite sure what to do with it.)

Anyway, happy winter! Stay warm!

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