Monday, October 10, 2011

Non-Wool, Ukelele-related

For Muggle Studies this month, we have the option of making (a) something from Knitty, (b) something without any wool, or (c) something to do with a ukelele. I'm doing a (b) and (c) combo - totally synthetic yarn to knit up a faux-lei. (Ukelele = Hawaii = Leis.) However, I learned that the Rozetti Marina tries really, REALLY hard to dive off your needles. And if it does manage to drop itself, it is a PAIN trying to find a place below what's unraveled to pick up the stitches again!

It's possible, but that glob of yarn in the center of the frame that isn't part of the scarf? We'll call that "Thursday morning's progress, completely gone". Now, mind you, this is *not* an entire skein of Marina Glitz - it's about 60%. My 33 yard skein had a KNOT in it - and a pretty easy-to-untie one at that, so that became where I ended - about 18 yards in. Which, as it turns out, is a good length for my "lei".

I made another of these with Rozetti Flora, which I think I like better - it's much, much floofier! I may have to find some green sparkly Flora (if it exists) to make a Christmas wreath. Because if you're gonna have a knitted wreath, that's a pretty cool one to have!

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  1. Looks like you accomplished your task!!! It's great!


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