Friday, October 28, 2011

Arithmancy win?

Arithmancy - FOUR three fails and a win!

Attempt One: Sierpenski Triangles, shawl. Crocheted in chocolate & teal chenille, very soft, in a continuous piece - so planning What Happens Next was a brain-hurter. Would need another two of these, minimum, to make anything - could not face it.

Attempt Two: Sierpenski Triangles, scarf. Crocheted two-colors, carrying the "off" color between the stitches. Actually works fairly well, and have figured out how to form the pieces better. Still probably getting frogged, though, since getting through 2.5 rows (8 needed) was mind-numbing *and* too-much-thinking all at once.

Attempt Three: Sierpenski Triangles, um, needle case? Decided to make just ONE set of opposite triangles (see chart), and see how that went. Worked out the best method for actually getting sharp triangle-shapes to work, got about halfway through. COMPLETELY LOST INTEREST. Will probably get finished up for Detention next month, since I could use a DPN-rollup case.

Attempt Four: Gave up on triangles, went to a simple nine-square "shoo-fly" grid, which can be expanded up on itself. Not truly fractal, since it wouldn't occur in nature, but the assignment was "Option 3: Craft anything you like, but be sure to explain clearly how it relates to fractals." And since it's a block made up of tiny similar blocks, I think it this pattern counts. It was going to be a sparkly pillow-top, with five 27x27 black-and-copper squares squares, made up of five 9x9 black and copper squares broken up by four 9x9 copper squares, broken up by four 27x27 copper squares. Just not enough time to finish the whole thing. (It's in Vanna's Glamour, and on size 3 needles. GAH.)

Attempt Five: Coasters, based on the 27x27 patch, double knit in yarn that was lying around. A dark/light nine-patch square made up of little dark/light nine-patch squares which is made up of little dark/light nine stitch squares. I totally think it counts as the spirit of fractal, if not actually fractal itself.. Of course, by the time I had my Baby Ull cast on (in lovely purple and green), I realized I was making another hot pad - that's the second this month, and about the size my attention span will permit me to double knit.

*phew* That's everything I need done for October! Yay!!!

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