Friday, October 7, 2011

Awww.... Quidditch in Real Life!

So, finished Ancient Runes, where we were studying some actual Icelandic Staves - magic sigils. Kinda scary, those ancient Icelanders... but I managed to find a fun way to interpret one of the staves, and get some double-knitting practice in at the same time.
I chose to craft a representation of the stave for Opening Hills. Now, anyone who travels Underhill is probably really really going to want a way BACK OUT at some point - so I opted to double-knit my stave so it’s two-sided. The dark side gets you IN; the light side lets you OUT. Just slap it on a wall, hit it with a stick (your wand will work), and viola - instant gateway! It can also be used as a hotpad, to protect tables and such, but be sure not to tap it with a wooden spoon or somesuch while a hot cup of tea is on it - someone on the Other Side will not appreciate being doused with soup or boiling water!

It's also useful for quick exits by those who tend to wander in caves and/or underground corridors and/or kitchens - although be careful. Being returned "to the light" without the proper amount of concentration can result in things like that regrettable incident with the food dye and the artichokes atop Ravenclaw Tower yesterday. (Sorry about that.)

In other news, I'm so proud of my alma matter!

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