Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fire Task #2

So, last Thursday, I started Task #2 for Quidditch. It's a Crovontuli shawl (free Ravelry download!), which is a crochet version of AnneM's very popular Revontuli (another free download!), which has been in my queue forever. The yarn is a ball of Sereknity (back when it was Sereknity!) Perfect Sock that I found up in Beverly Farms MA last weekend, in the Campfire colorway. I’m going to call the finished thing the Mantle of the Phoenix.

Here's how it looked Friday morning:

Yes, I need to change the page on my desk blotter

... and here it is now:

I used all but three yards of my yarn, which includes adding six-stitch iCord ties at the front. I'm trying to decide whether or not to block it; I kinda like the way it stands up on itself right now. And I still have to do the write-up explaining it... but it's not due until Friday, so I have some time to decide & write.

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