Monday, October 24, 2011

Um. That's a lot of yarn.

The Dollar Store had Pisgah Peaches & Cream 2 for $1. The cart-seat is my mom's haul; the cart is mine. I am set for cotton yarn forever, or at least until I crochet up a mess of American Flag dishcloths for the USO, a bunch of swiffer covers for me and my mom, glass cozies and washcloths for my family, and a bunch of Slytherin and pumpkin ornaments just for my own amusement!

(And no, I don't have anywhere to put it. I'm knitting/crocheting it up as fast as I can and still work on my OWL.)


  1. Wow! Yarn much?!? :). The discounted yarn at the 99 cent store can be deadly, but if you find skeins that you really need, it's awesome! Looks like you'll be using most of this. Great find! Love that mint green yarn.

  2. My plan this year was pretty washcloths and glass cozies for all the relatives - so I am ALL set. The red, white, and dark blue is to make flag potholders to tuck into auction/gift baskets for the USO. (The green is just for me, since I really like that color!) It really *was* a great haul!!


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