Monday, September 27, 2010

Fifty-Seven Points for Slytherin!

Nothing got done on the Masters program over the weekend - it was all about Quidditch! This weekend was the Slytherin House Pride Exhibition (Friday through today), and I got stuff finished. First, and most important for this weekend, was the 15-points project that could be done ONLY during HPE weekend: warm comfy bedsocks!

Next, something of which I'm pretty proud, my Slytherin Quidditch Sweater. This is the first thing I've done where I've followed a schematic EXACTLY, and pinned to block following the schematic EXACTLY... and, in a twist that shouldn't have been surprising to me but actually was, I got a lovely sweater that fits - EXACTLY.

Pinned EXACTLY!!!

I'm proud of myself for getting this done - and that it looks great!

Yes, the smile is not reaching my eyes here.
I'd been holding still for a bit longer than my knees would've liked.
Great photo of the sweater, though!!

Finally, my Slytherin Quidditch Hat is done, too. It also fits exactly; I've figured out how to block using a balled-up towel the size of my head. We'll be using THIS technique for the Masters Level I hat, for sure!!!

I turned in the HPE socks on Saturday, and I'll be turning in my Quidditch Sweater and Quidditch Hat later today. Plus - I've already started (and halfway finished) my Quidditch Necktie!! With the cheering, I've gotten 57 points for Slytherin JUST FROM QUIDDITCH!! Woohooo!


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