Friday, September 17, 2010

"Hey, a fellow Space Cadet!"

So, this morning, I was walking down by the water. Hadn't been up by one of the new jetties (not really a jetty, but...), and discovered that one of them has a map on it:

. Kind of a cool little historical map, really. Especially when you realize IT'S CARVED IN GRANITE. Srsly, that's a long-lasting map! Took that photo, then wandered around to the bench at the back to take photos of my Quidditch sweater - when I heard: "Hey, a fellow Space Cadet!"

Turns out there was a lady who also goes to Fibre Space walking her two (adorable!) Schnauzers, a girl and a boy. Schnauzers being a breed I'm not super-allergic to, I gave in to the big-eyed pleas for ear rubs and back scritches. (I wish I could actually have a dog - or a cat. Snauzers & Siamese go well together, as long as the dog realizes who's really in charge - i.e., the cat.) Anyway, we chatted for a bit about the dogs, knitting, Ravelry, and the store, and she offered to take a photo of me holding my sweater. I must point out that she took a lovely photo; I've cropped off my face because the light was hitting in such a way that I looked like my nose was falling off. NOT her fault - I blame the sun & the light off the water.

I've just put the two fronts (or, rather, what will be the two fronts once I've done two more rows on that side) on stitch holders, and I'm about to start the first row of the knit-flat back.

As you can see, I'm pretty far along on this one. If I actually get some knitting time today, I'm hoping to finish the back, at least. I kinda have to, in fact - there's a kintalong for the Serpentine Valentine Socks starting on Monday, and I'd like to have this (and my Transfiguration homework, and part of my quilt challenge, and maybe my Quidditch necktie) done before then!!

(And I just have to add: the sweater is STILL going to be on the overlarge size. Which is great - I can actually wear thick turtlenecks under it come winter. Or felt it down just a wee bit...!)

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