Monday, September 13, 2010

Arithmancy - Done - Slytherin Pride Project!

Well. I'm certainly glad I had my Slytherin Unity Project ready to post this Monday - some strange, sad stuff is happening over at HPKCHC, but the end result is that I *really* want to get the most points I can for my House. So, the knitting is about to hit insanity levels (not that it hadn't before, mind you). The assignment in question: With school back in session, basics are a good place to start. So make a HPKCHC acceptable project that uses any Mathematical or Arithmantic system as the inspiration. Make sure you tell us what system you used and how it relates to your project.

One of the suggestions was: Binary is a numeral system using only two digits (usually 0 and 1) - you could make something that has two pieces, or use binary cables to spell words like someone's name or something funny like "mine!"

I had an idea pretty fast - Binary Hat! With message! I realized quickly that charting a whole hat, in the round, would probably give me fits - and, plus, the message would be broken up and harder to read. Making it one continuous stripe would work better... so I made one.

Now, that's pretty hard to hold down and read all at once, so I made a video. Proof, I suppose, that the Entire Message Actually Exists. Click on the pic below to see the video:

Fall2010-Arithmancy-Binary Hat Vid

Here's what I turned in.
Hello, Professors! This is CraftyGryphon, Second Year Slytherin, turning in her Arithmancy homework. I chose to make an object (a hat) embedded with a message in Binary. It's a long strip, with the message decipherable left to right. The ends are tapered up on the left, and down on the right, to make the whole thing fit together nicely.

(Since I can't get a legible 7' long stripe in one photo, there's a video availble to view on my blog, if anyone's curious what the whole thing looks like flat.)

I knit the brim first (k1p1 rib), then began to chain (crochet) the strip to the brim in a gradually narrowing spiral, resulting in a nice, warm hat.

Since this is my Slytherin Unity Project for this month, it seemed only fitting that the hat's message be "SLY IN SLYTHERIN"!

Thanks for a fun assignment, Professors. It was a hoot figuring out how to make this work!
Of course, I couldn't decide which photo I liked best (I *think* it's the one with the assignment?), but here are the other two, just for the sake of completeness.

If we had an actual physical House, I'd totally be wearing this today!

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