Thursday, September 23, 2010

$3,000 for a TV? Seriously?

There's a Big New Appliance Store in our area - it's taken over most of the old sites where Circuit City was. It has really huge TVs. This one is 82" - and there was no way to get the entire TV *and* my husband in frame, unless we blocked the TV. And he's not a small guy - this is just a freakin' HUGE TV.

The price was pretty big, too - what we paid for our new little TV/DVD combo thing is STILL less than the thing you have to buy for *this* TV to sit on! (Seriously - do people pay I-could-buy-a-car prices for TVs??)

I, of course, wandered off to have my photo taken with sheep. Rhinebeck envy, you know - but these are the only kinds of sheep I'm allowed to be near just yet.

The giant sheep looming on the wall are a little bit creepy, though.

I mean really - do the sheep *have* to be 20ft tall?

Still a bit boggled at the $3,000 TV!!

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