Friday, September 24, 2010

I really need a "Quidditch" tag now.

Today, the Slytherin Challenge Quidditch weekend begins! Today through Monday, everyone can earn points for the House two ways: (1) cheer every day (post something fun in the Quidditch thread) and (2) crafting ONLY today through Monday, make an item in House Colors!

Here's my yarn, I'll be casting on a pair of Warm Fuzzy Bed Socks for myself:

Of course, to do this, I'll need needles. Which are currently being used for my Tilting Tardis Shrug for Transfiguration:

See the little Tardises?

So, this weekend: Bedsocks, Shrug, Glass Cozies (Potions) and retrofit a jewelry holder into a needle holder (Herbology). And it'd be nice if I could start my OWL, too.... (Yeah. Just a little overcommited.)

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