Thursday, September 30, 2010

Transfiguration - DONE!!!

First off, NO, I did not get enough sleep. But I did get more than I thought I would, which is pretty nice.

Second, when I hit that tired-and-wanna-sleep-but-only-if-X and X="finish this thing I'm knitting", I can knit pretty freakin' fast!! To wit, a Who?:

Yes, I actually managed to knit a Who? Hat in ONE DAY. Even better, it actually happened over about five hours, which, given the amount of frogging, swearing, dinner breaks and general television distraction (hey, it was ANTM, it's important to actually *see* what's happening), it's probably more like three. I managed to use some yarn I wanted to do a blocking test on - specifically, Lion Brand Wool-Ease. I know it blocks great in stockinette, but how about cables? Reverse stockinette? Not, mind you, that I've had time to block it yet. Heck, I'm just glad I found two matching buttons!!

The fact that the yarn is Oxford Grey and the buttons are green? Purely a happy coincidence. I think the buttons are the extras from a dressy silk blouse I used to have (long since lost in the mail), but they work great. I was also worried about having only one set of buttons for one set of Owl Eyes - but, as it turns out, that's how it was done in the original pattern! Yay!!

The real yay, other than having a cute new little hat (that still needs blocking)?


All of 'em. Transfiguration is "knit something with button closures - with actual buttonholes, or knit something where buttons are incorporated as decoration" - loosely paraphrased. But little button owl eyes count!!

I'm proud as a peacock over this!!

Next month starts tomorrow, with all new classes, right? Woohooooo!!


  1. Nice!!

    I can't wait. I have A Plan for October and I'm so ready to start!!

    (It would be bad to tell you that you'd net more points by turning your owl hat in for quidditch instead of class 7 or 8, right? Yeah I thought so. Don't mind me.)

  2. It depends on when it gets graded. Because I turned three things in during the last three days, any of them might be the Fifteen Point 6th class. (And I really wanted to get all the classes in - I've got plenty more coming for Quidditch!!)

  3. Super cute! I think it screams your name.


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