Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rocket Ship!!

Care of Magical Creatures is finally done. Trust me, making a rocket ship totally makes sense for the class, even though it doesn't appear to. But it does. And, thankfully, it's done. I'll try to get it to Fibre Space early next week (it's not going to happen THIS week, that's for sure), and coordinate turn-in times with my classmates.

Anyway, here's my little Rocket Ship. It was able to take off okay...

... but then OH NOES!! It starts spinning out of control! IT MIGHT CRASH!!

Then, a sudden swerve to the left prevents CERTAIN DOOM...

... and it flies back on course. YAY!!!

It heads off to Parts Unknown and Great Adventure. Woohooo!!

(Why, yes, I'm a geek and have fun vrooming toy rockets around the living room. I refuse to grow up any more than I have to!)

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