Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quidditch Rules!

For Quidditch this term, there's a lot of stuff going on. One of the Things Going On is the Yule Ball, and that's its own separate thing. One has to get a dance partner (I found a first-year Hufflepuff) and craft the same object with them for the First Event. We've got a project picked out - and can start working on it today. We chose this cute little Tulip Preemie Cap, which can be easily sized up for larger noggins.

The official spiel is: Students will select a partner from a different house. Together the pair will pick an item and each make the same thing. Items should be more than 25 yards and no bigger than 200 yards, and be something both partners are able to complete within one week. Students may choose to spin or dye for this event, but both partners must do the same craft. Spinners must produce a minimum of 50 yards.

Then there's our Tasks - we pick an element (no surprise, mine is fire), and do stuff with that. That's due... tomorrow, I think. If you remember Chee-to from last week, you know I've completed Task #1 already. Waiting now for Task #2!! I made up a bunch of icons for it (slavishly copying Hufflepuff, just with a totally different look); people can use them if they wish for Quidditch.

There's also an AWESOME set in the Snake Pit, which is these 12 icons - with DOOM GOAT added to every single one!! (The DOOM GOAT Saga is a tale for another day.)
Another Snake added Doom Goat to all the icons; I snagged the fire ones back, and added "DOOM GOAT COMPELS YOU". These are the ones I'll be using:


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