Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Term Starts Today! WOOHOO!!

Okay, classes are starting today, and just assume I'm putting my O.W.L. proposal in the INSTANT the thread is opened. Since all that is going on, here's the shots for my final STUFFF tile, turned in Tuesday (thus making me eligible for lovely Golden Tiles of Completness). Here's the before, which you've seen previously. You can see that the Pile of Stuff is spilling onto the Greek Key design in the center of the floor - and afterwards, the center of the floor design is down in the corner - look how far all the things are from it!!

Here is the after. There is, at the back, from the bottom up:
  1. Bin of Spinny stuff and spindles.
  2. Bin of Cotton yarn.
  3. Bin of Acrylic Yarn.
  4. Cross stitch stuff, in bags.
Then, in front, is the bin of Wool Yarn, a bag of wool for my "A New Angle" (from Wooly Thoughts) and another bag of cross stitch/sewing stuff. The blue bag on the floor is a bag full of project bags; the brown paper bag on the silver cases contains everything for my proposed Astronomy OWL.

I can find EVERYTHING!!

And this gets me my "T-is-for-Tidy" Tile. Woohooo!! That's the whole set!!

It's pretty cool to actually know WHERE THE YARN IS. I mean, if I'm looking for wool, it's in the wool bin. If I'm looking for puffystuff and a spindle, it's in that bin, and so forth. And I found a set of Glow-in-the-Dark knitting needles... I vaguely remember getting them, I think... Anyway. No, this isn't *any* of the yarn from the craft room, nor the storage unit. This is all the stuff that wasn't in either of those places, and needed to be straightened out. And it's organized, which is putting me ahead of the game by quite a bit!!

Anyway, ON TO HOGWARTS!!!!

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