Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Term Starts Tomorrow!!

First, I got sorted into Slytherin for my Fifth Year. Yay!!

Second, I'm a Middle Snake in the Black Adder Nest again - More Yay!!

Third, I was going to be somewhat sane with my crafting this term, really I was. I picked a complicated OWL, figured out I'd make a sweater for my BROOM, and do the minimum classes and quidditch. And then THIS got posted:
Gather round all ye Snakes, Slytherin Quest has a little twist this term. In honor of our Slytherin Spring 2011 Victory and to insure we retain the House Cup, Professor Snape extends an invitation to all members of Slytherin House to join the [Super-Secret Society, Name Withheld for Secretness].

Our location upon this cruise ship is secret kept, but is accessible to all of Slytherin House.

Please sign up via [Super-Secret Location] by September 30th if you wish to craft for a Slytherin Order of the Serpent Medallion.
I'm not signing up to CRAFT ALL THE THINGS, but I'm probably going to try to do so anyway. I see a lot of tiny projects in my future!!

Fourth, let us say a fond farewell to the projects that will be fodder for Detention later in the term, upon which I will no longer have time to work due to OWL, BROOM, Quidditch, Headmistress's Challenge, and six-to-eight classes a month. First is my Dobby's Sunset Birch Leaf Shawl, which is probably a day or two out from being finished, so I may be able to pull off detention credit early.

Then, there's my Nancy & Judy shawl that only uses the Nancy pattern. I've made it to the second to last color change (FINALLY). The third-to-last change took 12 rows, so this one should take about ten, then there should be about five of pattern (or to a logical stopping point) then a garter-stitch edge.

I've actually done really well in August with getting projects I've started Off The List. Three shawls finished in August alone - that's pretty darned good for me!!

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