Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gimme a "U"!

I've been noticing a lot of online housekeeping happening in the Snake Pit and environs, so I decided (whilst waiting between projects at work) to clean up and organize my queue so, in theory, I could easily find whatever I barely remembered I wanted to knit/crochet in the first place. Here's what it looked like to start: quite a few categories, but I'd slacked off on tagging things.

Thus, over the course of two hours, I went through every single thing in my queue. I deleted about two pages' worth of things (50+ items, I think), and added new tags/categories, like boyclothes (things for my very tall husband - long cardigans, kilthose, and other things that will take years to knit) and WANT (for all those things I keep thinking I should start, but forget about or can't find). Every single thing in my queue is now tagged.

And thus, I earned my "U"! (And I'm giggling that I now have an official "FU".)

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