Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Something requiring a Fix

So, I'm doing pretty good with the STUFFF, I have two Fs and a U. I'm pretty sure the T will never be mine (tidy my workspace? are you INSANE?), and I have plans for the S, but I was in a bind - I don't have much (that I can find) that needs fixing. Until I remembered my lovely StellaLuna shawl, which is about half finished, and has A Thing That Must Be Fixed. Here's the shawl now:

And here's the problem. The yarn wasn't one long, continuous piece of yarn. It was, in fact, six pieces of yarn, something that didn't get noticed when I bought it... mostly because it was in a lovely little yarn-cake from the get-go. Yes, it's Fathom colorway again, yes, it's MadTosh. I love this yarn. I did, however, COMPLETELY FORGET how to spit/water-splice yarn when I first ran out.

So, I have this UGLY KNOTTED THING at the edge of my shawl. This *cannot* be allowed to stay there, and really, it's lace. Weaving in ends? Not so easy.

I'm going to cut my ends VERY CLOSE to where they need to be, carefully unwind each bit of yarn from each side, and heat/water splice the stuffing out of it. Which is what I remembered to do for the *next* yarn join, so I know it not only works, it works well with this lovely stuff. I mean, really - there shouldn't be weaving in ends in a shawl except for the very beginning and very end (and if I'd remembered at all, I would've remember to knit the tail in as I went when I started... but clearly, I wasn't thinking clearly when I started this lovely.

More tomorrow, assuming it actually works as well as I think it will.... fingers crossed!!

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