Friday, August 19, 2011

Something worse than having to Splice...

So, here's how the splicing went on the StellaLuna shawl:
Step 1:    I carefully took the beads off the almost-finished ball of yarn.

Step 2:    I hunted through the office, locating a needlework-inclined coworker with a beading needle.

Step 3:    I carefully threaded the beads onto the new ball of yarn.

Step 4:    I spliced the two balls of yarn together.

Step 5:    I realized I could have skipped steps 1-3.

Step 6:    I hid under my desk for the rest of the day.
The reason I did that splice first (with a whole lot of extra work) was to make sure I remembered how to make a solid splice with this yarn. Yay, it worked.

Today at lunch, I got the shawl off the needles (well, to the last nine stitches; then I checked the instructions, and finished the last two rows at my desk). Woohoo, it's a shawl!


THERE IS A GIANT HOLE that starts in about the third row. Of over 100. GAH.

So, my "fix" tile will be earned for fixing THIS nightmare, as well as that piddly little splicing problem. Seriously, how have I managed to miss that...

fancy "don't unravel more!" paperclip

....for however long it's been? And how many MORE holes are going to get discovered when I try blocking tonight? I'm not sure I want to know!!

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