Thursday, August 18, 2011

K-Pop is done!

Since I need my size 3 straights for my OWL swatch, I had to get K-Pop off the needles. I blocked it last night, and it dried QUICKLY (or I did the best-ever blotting job of my life). I got to wear it today!

It's cute. There's one vertical repeat less than called for by the pattern, since that's how much yarn I didn't have, and I didn't do the edging called for by the pattern - again, almost out of yarn. This was a nice little knit-up, though, so I'll probably do a full-sized one at some point. I really like the geometric lace patterns! You can see said pattern a bit better here, while it's blocking.


And no, I don't have more StellaLuna bits. I hit the end of the current ball of yarn this morning during my commute in to work, and DON'T HAVE A NEEDLE. So re-threading the remaining beads onto the new ball of yarn? By hand? I got four on in about 20 minutes. If I have to do the rest that way, I will, but I'm really hoping one of my coworkers will have a needle on them today...!!

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