Monday, August 8, 2011


Well, knitting is pictured below, but this is really more of a "Yes, today is Monday" post. Ever wondered if those spiffy BAM Bags - you know, the ones that seem like one big, long zipper - ARE actually one big long zipper?

The answer is a definitive "YES", as I discovered whilst crossing a parking lot early this morning.

As near as I can tell, one of my lovely size 3 aluminum needles was able to work its way between three of the teeth of the zipper, popping it JUST ENOUGH so one second, there was a bag on my shoulder; the next second, there was a bag (and all the stuff in it) on the ground... with the strap still on my shoulder. I was lucky that it didn't happen streetside, or on the bus (although it may have started as I was leaving the bus; the driver gave me a strange look, but didn't say anything), but in an empty, traffic-free parking lot. I was able to recover everything (wow, I have a lot of shiny paperclips-used-as-stitchmarkers that I carry everywhere). But now, I had a handle-less thing that wasn't quite deep enough to carry everything easily one-handed. (It's morning, just assume there's a Giant Carafe of Caffiene in the other hand.) So, managing to gather everything up and more or less transport the resulting jumble about fifty fee successfully, I pulled up to a windowsill of convenient height, and did what anyone faced with such a dilemma would do: Took a photo to post to Twitter.

I did manage to get to work without too many problems - mostly my wrist getting a bit fatigued from the odd clamp-grip I had to use to keep the zipper from further unzipping, and the fun of having exactly NO hands to manipulate the security fobs to enter my building. Then it was time to figure out if I could get it *actually* unzipped, so I could move past the accidental unzip point and re-zip the whole thing.

Thankfully it worked.

Of course, since I had to work through (ie, unpick & cut) the stopper that keeps the bag from completely unzipping anyway, I now have a bag that could unzip at any moment if I'm not paying attention. This concerns me a bit. And I have no idea how I'm going to get my lovely size 3 aluminum needles home safely....


  1. Try putting point protecters on them, or putting them at the very bottom of the bag inside a ziplock or something. That should help.


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