Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Detention gets me points.

I finally got my lovely Dobby's Sunset shawl off the blocking board. I really like all the colors, especially since autumn is about to start, and the little leaves... it all just makes me happy!

Here's a better shot of the whole thing (it's really just a neck-shawl, but I used every bit of the yarn possible (and probably a bit more than I should have - see below).

I was asked about how I prep things for blocking - I do the total immersion thing. That's my stainless-steel dedicated shawl/knitwear bowl, and the dedicated glass to sit atop whatever's in the bowl to keep it from floating. (Stainless steel & glass: non-reactive. Non-reactive is good, in general, when dealing with knitted pretties.)

Bowl of Shawl

I also used a cute trick - the center-pull bracelet - for the first time on this project. It really does work!

Center pull balls can tangle near the end.
But not if you wear them.
Well, not as much, anyway.
It helps.
Really, it does!

And I really did use almost every drop of yarn:

All the yarn that is left from my PEby's "Dobby's Sunset" handspun.

I'm turning my shawl in for Detention today. Points for Slytherin, Woohoo!


  1. Very pretty and the colors are beautiful.

  2. It came out really well. I won the yarn in a contest, and I'm *so* glad I did!!


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