Thursday, September 15, 2011

O.W.L. Progress!

So, I'm chugging along on the Evenstar Shawl. Here it is at the end of Chart 1, right before I dropped in the second lifeline.

I'm into the second ball of yarn now - I did the yarn-bracelet thing again to keep the very end of the ball from tangling - especially since it's mohair. The bracelet thing really does work well!

After a commute from hell with an extra four hours of knitting, followed by a weekend of almost no knittng, I'm just about at 16% done, which just plain isn't far enough along at this point. I have to have well over 50% done at the end of October to even have a chance at getting this thing finished on schedule! I'm hoping to get in a LOT of knitting on it this week. I got a row done on the way to work, and will hopefully get a couple more done at lunch. If I could be at 25% at the end of the week, I'd feel a lot better about things! Here's where I am now, and you can see how far back the lifeline from above is. (I'm going to be pulling that lifeline and replacing it in another 8 rows, before the really strange stuff starts happening on the chart.)

According to the Master Chart of Evenstar Shawldom, being done with Row 33 of Chart 2 puts me closer to 18% than 17% (by a row). (Turns out I miscalculated on the 16% previously; I was only at 13% after the Commute From Hell.) My goal is to be well into Chart 3 by the end of September, preferably past the "repeat these four rows six times" part. I think the Headmistress is there on hers NOW - but she got a month head start, so I know I'm never going to catch up to her. I get to see progress photos quite a bit on the Evenstar-along ("Stargazing with the Centaurs") thread, which is cool - and gives me hope. And lets me know what each stage looks like, too - that's super helpful!!

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