Monday, September 19, 2011

I have a rocket ship?

I'd forgotten Friday's post was titled "I want a Rocket Ship!" - so I'm giggling right now. Because that's kinda what I did this weekend...

I didn't actually get much crafting done this weekend. There were contractors crawling all over the house, a lot of boxes to shift around, and other assorted stresses. So, with the newly-clear middle room floor, I did what any sane child of the 80's would do: I decided to finally build the TIE Interceptor I'd gotten as a Christmas present about a decade ago.

TIE Interceptor

Breaking into a new LEGO kit is always a fun time, especially the bigger ones. This is the largest, space-wise, that I've done. (Number of pieces, though, no; there are only 703. And there were only 3 extra pieces in the kit - all little tiny things that tend to run away, too. At least one of the duplicates tried to run for it, but I caught it at the edge of the yoga mat.)

The first thing you make is the cockpit, of course - it being the center of the ship. I was giggling happily for a good fifteen minutes over the level of detail on some of the pieces. I HAZ TARGETING COMPUTER!! Woohooo!

Insane Levels of Detail!

There also may have been a few minutes spent opening and closing the front hatch. Possibly more than a few.

There was a moment of panic when I realized one of the pieces was, in fact, malformed - which would've been a disaster, except it was easily hidden in the wing assembly. And now I will be able to tell my TIE Interceptor apart from all others! Which, you know, when everyone's running for their ship could be important... really.

I've always kinda pooh-poohed the idea of sorting all the pieces before you start builing one of these kits. By the time I was starting the upper wings, though, I'd turned into one of Those People. And it did make it go faster. (Although sorting pieces before each step probably doesn't count, so I may still not be Quite That Bad.)

Wings do take a while, though.

There's even a stand you build at the end, with tiny writing that really should've photographed better... ah well. Trust me, it's cool.

Since I've finally finished that, I think my whimpering about getting the Imperial Shuttle this Christmas may bear fruit... because the TIE Interceptor is super-cool, but the shuttle is MY ship!!

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  1. I think you've possibly discovered a secret future-predicting ability. This can only end well.


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